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Today I went out for running after work.

As I felt discomfort at my left knee during the workout on last Saturday, I ran only 12 km at easy pace this time. Fortunately, I was able to finish the workout without feeling any pain or discomfort in my left knee.

Today's running profile is as follows.

Distance(距離) : 12.0 km
Time(タイム) : 0:52'33"
Average Pace(平均ペース) : 4'22" /km
Average Pitch(平均ピッチ): 182 spm
Average Stride (平均ストライド): 127 cm
Calories-out(消費カロリー) : 458 kcal
Steps(歩数) : 9,588
Average Heart Rate(平均心拍数): 160 bpm (Max : 193 bpm)
Estimated VO2max(推定最大酸素摂取量) : 62.8 mL/kg/min
Shoes(シューズ) : WAVE EMPEROR JAPAN 4 (total distance : 2274km)
Temperature(気温): 12.0~13.1℃
Wind Speed(風速): 5.3~6.1 m/s
Humidity(湿度): 39~40%
Lap time(ラップタイム) :
1km 4’46” /km
2km 4’37” /km
3km 4’18” /km
4km 4’10” /km
5km 4’10” /km
6km 4’23” /km
7km 4’20” /km
8km 4’17” /km
9km 4’23” /km
10km 4’24” /km
11km 4’17” /km
12km 4’16” /km


Full Marathon : 2:58'09" ( The 28th Ako-Gishi Marathon, 1st December 2019 )
Half Marathon : 1:18'40" ( 2020 UNICEF CUP KOBE VALENTINE LOVE RUN, 9th February 2020 )

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