Wool knitting (Table Cover) Creativity Meets Skills😊

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Hi Steemians, I am bringing another workpiece your way. This time its a needlework; making a table cover with my wools

Actually wools can be used to get different kinds of things like table cover, socks, muffler, caps, head warmer, sweather, skirt, short, bags, headbands and lots that I haven't mentioned.

What comes into your mind when you hear the word "TABLE"
I know for most people, at the mention of table, their mind will picture square-like or rectangular shape. But don't forget we have different kinds and types of table. We have the square, rectangular, circle and most times even irregular shapes.

My wool knitting today is for a rounded table; that is a circle-like table. That is why I knitted it in circle form

Out of all the above mentioned, I chose to knit a table cover. Two big table cover at that.

How Do I knit This?

  • First thing first, get your knitting tools eg your wools of different colours, a pair of scissor, your knitting needle etc I believe that's all you need now for the knitting
  • Now you cut out your wool or your roll it out and use your knitting needle to begin your work
  • Start gradually knitting it bit by bit, actually knitting is just as time consuming as bead work. But not too worry, you will get there
  • Knit it, make it bigger, so as to cover up your table regardless of the shape of your table. Made it into a size that fits in your table
  • Finally when you get your desired size and your are sure it will cover up your table, then you tire and cut out the remaining wool.
  • Then you wash your table cover to give it a sparkling looks because probably in the process of knitting, it got dirty from the sweat on your palms or the left over wools rolling on the floor. So it need to be washed at the end of it all.

Look at my well knitted table covers
Aren't it amazing.

I just love the colour combination
I chosed purple cause purple was once my favourite colour😊😊 though not anymore but I still like it

After knitting I folded them and I took a picture

Its kinda look like I folded one of the table cover but its actually two of those. I made them look like one...

Lol....I wanted to try something funny, folding the table cover and making it look like cap or something more like a basket😂😂 its kinda naughty and funny.

I knit..!
I create..!
I made it...!

My Needlework

Still your creativity sister;


Thank you for your time..!

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The needle work is really good 👍
Good work @zellypearl
Hope you gonna teach me how to do it too 😃☺😉

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Hello @zellypearl and welcome to #NeedleWorkMonday! Every Monday us needlers get together to share our work, ideas, tips and patterns and support one another while inspiring the Steemit blockchain.

On Monday’s we use the #needleworkmonday tag and on all other days we use the #needlework tag without the word Monday attached. We encourage everyone to share the process of their work with photos along the way. We love seeing a work of art come to life.

These table covers worked up nicely. I love the swirl lines that formed along the way. Thank you for joining us and sharing your work this week :)

For more information on what we do and for our posting guidelines, please visit our FAQs!

Thank you ~

Thank you ma @crosheille
Will follow and keep up with the needleworks

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You’re absolutely welcome ;)