My Music Routine this weekend

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This Weekend has been fun so far. Although I had two tests to write in school this morning. Had to wake up early and do house chores then later prepare to go for my test. I wrote both of them well and I'm glad I did. Right now, I am preparing dinner and my next target is to listen to some cool reggae tunes. Sounds amazing for the weekend right?

My boo has put us on a routine of listening to reggae jams lately. So I am currently listening to this song 'One Stone' by the Late Legendary Reggae Artist Culture. Reggae songs have a way of influencing listeners. It is the expression of the true original Jamaican culture. The interesting thing about Reggae music is that it always passes vital messages across to it's listeners. Enjoy the rest of your weekend friends.

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Great to have you blogging here, digging the morning routine... now let's get you some followers ;) *Resteemed

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Thanks. Sounds Interesting

I like how you did a mini diary and a reggae post all in one! Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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I deeply appreciate. Thank you!

You're now a reggae fan Cutie..Now that's lovely

Absolutely boo! lol