Are Drive-In Movie Theaters Making A Comeback?

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Drive-in movie theaters have slowly been phased out of the market over the last several decades, but now they are seeing somewhat of a comeback.

In California, Florida, Georgia, and other regions, you can find drive-in movie theaters around the United States, and in other countries as well, that are now gaining more attention, with many looking to reopen now for business.

You might even find some temporary 'pop-up drive-in' movie theater options to experience as well.

In Florida there are plans to open the world's biggest drive-in movie theater and it is going to have 5 different viewing screens. You can find a restaurant on-site and you can even do some camping. That destination will be known as Lighthouse 5.

New Demand For Drive-In Movie Theaters

For some it will be their first time having this experience and they might even prefer this movie night event to a more traditional setting. For others, who have been before, it is bringing up all of the nostalgia and memories of movie nights from the past.

Movie theaters around the world have been closed over the past several months and though drive-in movie theaters might be seen as a short-term solution to that, but are they going to turn into a long-term business success for movie going entertainment in general?

These venues were phased out over the last few decades for a reason, but even though entertainment forms have drastically changed over the years you can still find many who are interested in having that traditional drive-in experience and they are willing to pay for it.

A Change In Media Preference

A number of those small drive-in theaters are family-owned businesses, small operations that offer families and others a chance to have a different and memorable movie-going experience with friends and family.

They might have been the most popular way to view movies many years ago, but along with the rise in popularity for things like cable television, the VCR, DVD players, and so on, hundreds of drive-in theaters started closing, with many that have been lost for good.

It might be a fun change for a movie-going experience that some people want to go for occasionally but it is unlikely that we might see the rise of this form of movie-going come back to dominance around the United States and elsewhere. Unless that is what the people want and support by going to those venues.

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Drive-ins are fun. The only drawback is that the toilets are usually a mess. It's especially rough for the ladies who often have long lines.

Going to a drive-in is not even about watching a movie. It's about having a night out with the family without being shushed.

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