Our Problem Child.

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Myself and my wife never knew that the cat would end up to be the problem child of the family. We thought it would be the Rottweiler that we rescued when he was a puppy. The Rottweiler was the runt of the litter and it is safe to say he was mistreated in his early days before we got him so he is very timid and a nervous. If we go walking up the woods and someone us coming towards us then he will run into the woods and run around the person so he doesn't have to confront them. He does the same with dogs.It is great in a way. Nobody likes to see a giant Rottweiler with slobber everywhere cross their path!It makes them uneasy.

On the other hand when a Jack Russell or one of those Paris Hilton dogs runs after him , I always pull him aside and have a chat to him about knowing that he is a beast and one swallow and those dogs are his dinner. He just doesn't get that he has bigger teeth than them. A gentle giant but he has to stand up for himself sometime. Even the cat bullies him.
The cat is another rescue. We got him first. He was a 4 month old kitten. At least that's what the vet told us so before we knew it we were leaving with him while the vet was peeping out the blinds. The vet told us to put a bell on him because he was very good at assassinating smaller animals especially birds.He grew up in the country where wildlife is plentiful. What the hell were we bringing home?? The cat version of Rambo. He was right of course. He started clocking up the murders as soon as he made his territory. Nothing was safe. Birds, mice, shroos. We received a box of chocolates from the neighbours. He killed a rat in their shed. After a while we locked the cat flap because every morning we were worried what murder scene we might stumble across that morning. He used to always eat the heads of his victims which was a bit creepy indeed. We took him to the vet again for his checkup, a different one this time, the other one was booked out for some reason. That vet told us that the bell on his collar had made him even stealthier. That had me in stitches laughing in the vets.
Jeff the cat went missing for a week and I must say I did miss the guy. The dog was getting too big for his boots. After a week we got worried. I went out one night and called him like I did the days before. Suddenly I heard a distant meow in the background. I called the wife. Wife's are widely known to have great hearing. It is a trait they obtain during the wedding ceremony. She heard it too. It's coming from next door. I got up on the wall to see if I could see him. The sound was coming from the neighbours shed.I opened the shed door and the poor cat ran out . Straight for the dogs water bowl. The poor guy had wandered in there and someone locked the door. He was locked in there for 6 days. Maybe it was a sneaky crow avenging the death of his brother or maybe it was the kid who just put his bike back in the shed not realising the cat had gone in. Anyway he is safe now.

So theres the background of the cat.
We received a complaint about him yesterday. Our cat was bullying a cat down the street and the owner wanted to know what we were going to do about it. Hes a fucking cat, what can we do about it??? She said she would have to poison him if he kept it up . That's when I got a bit mad and told her to go take a run and jump. Who would poison an animal. Her new cat is in my cats territory so that's why my one is pissed. But unless we keep him in then there is nothing much we can do and believe me , my cat will not be kept in. He is a roamer and he likes to go out on his patrols whether it be death patrol or looking for girl. He would not be kept in. So I just recommended to the neighbour that he hates water. A water gun would be a good compromise between poison and nothing. What do you think peeps? Will a super soaker 500 do the trick?

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Hilarious. I can just imagine you heading off with the 4-month-old kitten they'd been trying to rid themselves of for 4 years.

Yeah he was a bit streetwise alright and not very "kitteny"

Well you definitely got a streetwise cat there and a great hunter. I have 3 cats and they all love to eat the head of rats and leave the rest as a present.
Cats are territorial and your neighbour needs to understand that, cats communicate with one another through fighting, they are not humans and we can not expect them to change to suit us. Yes they can get aggressive it is naturally, it is how they sort things out, it does annoy me somewhat when folk what them to be chilled, let them be, it is not our place to tell cats how to behave.
Seriously threatening to poison your cat, that is so out of order, hope she chills out x

There is zero chill with this one. If it was a dog i would have no problem but to be complaining about a cat. Its nuts . Its not like we can keep him in . Just not an option. Him and Tiger are just gonna have to sort their problems out

lol! I love Jeff the cat! He keeps the whole neighborhood safe from undesirables! lol. Well told sir blanchy, so funny!

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