Day 829 | Evening Walk

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I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work and my personal life....

Friday was a fairly productive day and I also went on another enjoyable evening walk. Before going to bed I continued watching the Wonder Years which so far I really am impressed by how good it it. I guess is something by Tv-Shows and Movies that are narrated in 3rd person I really really like. So far I'm only at the start of the 2nd season but I can easily see myself watching every single episode over the course of the year.

DayBed TimeAwakeOut BedDay Score
01 July00:0008:0008:507
02 July00:0008:2009:206
03 July01:0009:0010:006
04 July00:3008:0009:306
05 July01:0008:4509:455
06 July01:0008:0009:056
07 July23:4007:5008:307
08 July00:0007:2008:207
09 July00:0006:5008:305
10 July00:0007:3008:406
11 July23:4008:0008:507
12 July00:4007:0007:408
13 July23:4007:2008:297
14 July00:0007:3008:257
15 July01:0009:2009:455
16 July01:0008:4009:255
17 July00:0007:4008:257
18 July23:0007:3008:308
19 July00:0007:0007:357
20 July00:0007:0008:107
21 July00:0008:0009:107
22 July03:0009:2010:003
23 July23:0008:0009:005
24 July22:0008:0009:002
25 July20:0007:0008:002
26 July22:0006:0008:003
27 July23:0007:0008:305
28 July00:0007:3008:306
29 July00:0007:3008:256
30 July01:0008:3009:406

100 Day Challenge (DAY 60/100)

General Checklist: The goal was to do 100 days straight without cheating which quickly turned out to be too ambitious. Each time I have a cheat day I will add it to the total from now on.

  • Eat Whole Food Plant Based
  • Work Out Daily
  • Be Productive
  • No Distraction entertainment
  • Sleep Enough
  • ...
10x10 Days12345678910
Day 01-10123456x78x
Day 11-209x10xxx111213x
Day 21-301415161718xxx1920
Day 31-40212223xx2425xx26
Day 41-5027282930xx31323334
Day 51-6035x3637383940414243
Day 61-70----------
Day 71-80----------
Day 81-90----------
Day 91-100----------

Weight Control: My goal is to reach 62kg and slowly start to gain some muscle from then on out. I started this at around 65.5kg

10x10 Days12345678910
Day 01-1064.664.764.464.
Day 11-2063.764.164.164.364.665.064.864.764.865.3
Day 21-3065.
Day 31-4065.064.965.064.965.365.165.365.065.364.9
Day 41-5064.865.064.864.765.065.164.965.265.065.0
Day 51-6065.065.465.064.764.664.563.663.663.763.9
Day 61-70----------
Day 71-80----------
Day 81-90----------
Day 91-100----------

Expense Control: I'm still in the process of rebuilding my bankroll which means that I will be living economically and rather minimalistic, not buying anything I don't need. I will be keeping track of my daily expenses here for 100 Days

10x10 Days12345678910
Day 01-100€0€0€0€0€0€3.5€2.9€0€12€
Day 11-200€10€0€9€12€10€8€5€9€7€
Day 21-300€6€4€2€6€7€8€12€4€10€
Day 31-400€5€7€7€15€10€7€0€7€0€
Day 41-5011€5€2.5€0€8€13€7€12€5€20€
Day 51-603€15€10€0€0€0€1€19€1€7€
Day 61-70----------
Day 71-80----------
Day 81-90----------
Day 91-100----------
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