Day 918 | To The Dentist

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I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work and my personal life....

Wendesday was dominated by fear as I had a dentis appointment to get my tooth of which part got loose had to get fixed. The discomfort of anticipation to it was far worse than the actual procedure and I never at any point felt any pain. I have to get back for a 2nd appointment 2 weeks from now but won't be as nervous. From what it looks like, there is a new "lockdown" in Belgium so pretty much everything will close again. The football season for now still can go on even though without fans it's much harder to make profit from that.

DayBed TimeAwakeOut BedDay Score
01 Oct00:4009:2509:505
02 Oct00:3008:4009:105
03 Oct23:0009:4010:007
04 Oct00:3010:0010:307
05 Oct01:0009:3010:206
06 Oct00:3008:0008:407
07 Oct00:0007:5008:308
08 Oct00:3008:0009:106
09 Oct00:3008:2009:356
10 Oct00:0008:2009:106
11 Oct01:0008:4009:306
12 Oct00:3008:2009:106
13 Oct00:3008:2009:307
14 Oct00:0008:0008:505
15 Oct01:0008:3009:354
16 0ct00:0008:4009:405
17 Oct00:0008:2009:156
18 Oct00:0007:3008:206
19 Oct01:0009:4010:204
20 Oct00:0008:4009:407
21 Oct00:0007:5008:406
22 Oct00:0008:2009:256
23 Oct01:2008:4509:256
24 Oct01:3010:0010:255
25 Oct01:0008:5009:205
26 Oct00:3008:0008:506
27 Oct00:4008:5009:506

365-Day Rep Challenge

Plank36500 Sec960 Sec
Side-Plank43800 Sec1180 Sec

100 Day Weight tracking

I will hit the scale each day keeping close track of my weight trying to get it down to 62kg which has been a goal for a long time which somehow doesn't seem to succeed.


365-Day Expenses

I will be tracking my daily expenses (Food & Fun/Gas ) during an entire year trying to keep them as small as possible so I can save up and reach some financial freedom sooner

Thu 01 Oct6.31€0€-
Fri 02 Oct13.15€0€-
Sat 03 Oct0.00€0€-
Sun 04 Oct4.56€0€-
Mon 05 Oct7.50€0€-
Tue 06 Oct0.00€0€-
Wed 07 Oct10€0€-
Thu 08 Oct8.27€0€-
Fri 09 Oct6.24€0€-
Sat 10 Oct0.00€0€-
Sun 11 Oct6.57€0€-
Mon 12 Oct9.51€0€-
Tue 13 Oct0.00€0€-
Wed 14 Oct9.15€0€-
Thu 15 Oct9.27€0€-
Fri 16 Oct0.00€0€-
Sat 17 Oct7.47€0€-
Sun 18 Oct7.09€37.55€Gan 356 X
Mon 19 Oct14.07€0€-
Tue 20 Oct0.00€0€-
Wed 21 Oct0.00€18.99€Minecraft VR
Thu 22 Oct3.12€0€-
Fri 23 OCt16.03€0€-
Sat 24 Oct5.14€0€-
Sun 25 Oct3.70€0€-
Mon 26 Oct3.45€0€-
Tue 27 Oct0.00€0.00€-
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