Old And Dusty, Made Me Feel Sad

in life •  5 months ago 

Excuse the dusts and cobwebs, this wheelchair of my mother in law we left under the shed just outside the house. No one is using it anymore thank God although we had lost my mom in law. We are still emotionally recovering from that lost but in general we are all good now.

A friend is looking all over for a wheelchair for a sick family member. It was a good timing today that she sent me an online private message asking if I know someone who could be selling a used wheelchair. This is an opportunity to make a good use of this old forgotten and dusty piece of chair. I told my friend I will see her ASAP and bring her this chair. I must admit I felt happy to help although the wheelchair brought back some painful memories of my mom in law. I had been a witness to her tears and pains while battling cancer. May the good lord bless her soul.

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