Surinam Spinach Found Its Way Into This Pot

in life •  last month 

It is late afternoon from I live here in the Philippines. Right now I am in my mom's living room. Part of my regular thing to do is visit her and spend an afternoon talking about anything. That mother and daughter catch up kind of thing.
While waiting for the snacks to be served, this pot caught my attention. Looks like this is a house plant that dried out and a new life just grew from it.
On a closer look, I think there is a spider plant which cleans the air they say and a surinam spinach overgrowth. Said spinach does not require care and they just appear out of nowhere. These are edible and I am familiar with them as I had been seeing them around our garden and by the roadside when I was just a kid. Maybe mom didn't bother to remove it because she might use it in her cooking.

I guess that's it for me and will eat some home cooked snacks from my mom's kitchen in a bit.


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