Video Call Bridging The Gap Between Patients In The Hospital

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On the left side of the screen is my side of the video call and on the right side are my parents. A quick video call can bridge the gap to see what is happening with people in your circle. Today I am in the hospital as part of my regular visit unfortunately my parents are not here because they are looking after my grand ma who was recently confined in another hospital in their area. Funny when I was talking to her via video call I realised that I am a patient catching up with another patient. I may be alone in my side of this hospital but I can see and talk with my family just like they are here. If it is not because of this vid call I may be feeling neglected or lonely by now. What matters is my grandmother will get better as she is weak in a hospital bed while me I can go home alone later after I'm done with my regular procedure.

I hope and pray all of us will get better very soon not to mention the scare of ncov spread. God keep us all safe

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