Instant Messaging Has Made People Crazy

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Hey JessTexters

Instant messaging has been a revolution around the world with developed and developing markets embracing this cheap and easy way to communicate with one another. The instant messaging experience has closed the gap in communication and is now a media-rich experience. As Google plans to roll out RCS very soon we will see SMS and MMS finally be obliterated as we move to a fully instant messaging environment.

I'm pretty upfront about how shitty I am at communication, I don't particularly like texting unless its a really interesting conversation or something that is time-sensitive and important. Other than that I will just read and move on if that sometimes I don't even read it.

Let's be honest here, 99% of what is sent via IM's are total garbage and its all attention-seeking with people trying to look for others to suck into their black hole of bordem.

The circus is open 24/7

By responding you keep feeding the beast and so the cycle continues. Let me tell you, your IM's are NOT special FFS. If you completely stopped IM'ing people guess what? they will find someone else to IM, it's all about chasing this dopamine hit of getting a response rather than the context of the response. These people have become notification addicts.

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IM shame

I've also had to endure a lot of IM shaming. As I've said earlier I don't particularly respond and when I see people in public they will remind me of that fact as if I'm some kind of social outcast. I can't understand why people are so obsessed with finding useless ways to spend their time. Then on top of that wanting to suck you into their world of nothing when you could be busy doing something you actually enjoy.

IM freak out

IM's have also messed with peoples brains and they expect instant responses which are pretty silly. If you don't respond they default to something bad must have happened to you. As if a few years ago the world didn't have these tools and you would have to wait.

I guess what I'm saying is we should start to live on our own time, do things by our own accord and stop letting people, devices and notifications dictate how we use our time. IM's are a great way of keeping in touch, but it shouldn't be the only way we keep in touch.

Let's connect

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I agree texting can be bad. I lost a few friends over texts!

Yea text arguments are a pile of crap really! It's ironic that we probably can solve a lot of arguments just by speaking to the person we're texting, especially if there's more than 5 texts being sent per minute...

Wonder why that happens...

Seems a bit silly but I guess it helps weed out people who would be that petty

I think IM is a symptom of what's going on with technology really. You have the world at your fingertips and can have anything you want instantly.

It's almost like we've been trained now that if things aren't replied to with a second, you're a bastard.

I'm the same as you, unless something really needs urgent attention, I don't reply until I actually have spare resource and that sometimes takes days, weeks...

I do like winding people up who want an instant response for something that really doesn't need it. That happens 99% of the time and what's great is, they stop talking to you so you can carry on and live free of distraction 😁

Indeed it’s a product of the times, which is why I say it’s not about actual communication it’s about filling time it’s a form of entertainment and not constructive

Lol nothing wrong with picking up the damn phone and calling or asking to meet up! I think if you give away things like your attention away cheaply or for free no ones going to value it!

Same with anything hey. If you give away your stuff for free, you effectively value it at nothing.

It's why I'm not so keen on "free downloads" for music because then people will expect everything to be free where that's setting the wrong precedent. But that's a different topic!

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