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Hey Jess Holiday

I know I'm not supposed to lay into everyone's favourite holiday, but Christmas really is a time to feed your dopamine addiction, in fact, we're encouraged to overload it. I was raised a Catholic, so it's always been a pretty important time of the year growing up but as time has gone by its become less of a religious holiday and more of an excuse to consumer and overindulge.

People work the entire year to get this time off so that they can buy gifts, give gifts, eat the richest food, drink alcohol and snack. Celebrate all through the day and just do everything that makes people feel good. It's about stuffing it all in now for the long haul, to hold you over to the next year.

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Dopamine, the gift that keeps on giving

I've never been one for tradition I only see it as repetition for repetition's sake and anything that can be explained as traditional clearly has very little meaning to it since it doesn't have any other arguments to back it up. While some call the habits or traditions of the season.

I call conditioning your mind, that this time of the year is the reward for a year of hard work. You can now, reward and over reward yourself regardless of what happened or did or did not do throughout the year, its all washed away now you made it to the reward season and that's all that matters.

Let the donkey get the carrot

If you never let the donkey get the taste of the carrot every now and again he won't be willing to chase it continuously. I'm not saying Christmas and celebrating is bad I'm just saying I see people losing touch with what this time is all about and fallen victim to the consumer-driven narrative of this time of year.

I purchased gifts for loved ones this year, I don't expect any for myself because, to be honest, I think I have all I need in life. I'm pretty simplistic and I don't like too much clutter for less is more for me, which is why if you want to give me a gift you can send me some BTC, I'll never say no to that lol.

I also didn't break my diet, while I did eat, I ate within the portion sizes that made sense for my body. I guess what I'm saying is I'm trying to rewire and recondition my brain to not see this time is reward time but to see every day as reward time.

I don't know If I'm on to something or not, I just felt it was time for a change!

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I was raised a Catholic, so it's always been a pretty important time of the year growing up ...

Catholic holiday? It's pagan Yule, Dude!

Eat, Drink and be Merry, Pagan shit.

Merry met and merry part and merry meet again!

Happy Yule!

We'll i'm not arguing about who started it. I mean did Apple invent the smartphone? No, they just took it made it their own and made it popular, some with the Christians. It's actually pretty good marketing if you think about it.

I don't know much about Pagan culture but I don't see 80% off Yule sale, lol! All about the xmas when it comes to consumerism

I'll also take BTC as a gift haha! Or a million steem so I can be a steem millionaire 😁

But yea, I know a lot go by the whole "work hard, play hard thing". I prefer playing hard of course but sometimes playing hard means that the work you do doesn't feel like work but fun instead (guess it depends what you do for work but for me, a lot of what I want to do is away from the day job so just find myself working in the day then playing hard on the communities I have started, which others see as work too but I love it).

Don't really know what I was trying to say there. I guess if you love doing something and have a purpose with it, it doesn't feel like work and you can do more than you could ever imagine.

Definitely strayed away from your original topic there haha.

I guess in short, I agree with that "repeating for repeating's sake" sentiment.

Hope you had a good Christmas

Lol yes please, those are gifts that won't stop giving, will be dopa-mining for years not just excited for the moment

I literally said that to someone in the week and they like why don't you take breaks and I'm like don't blame me for not hating what I do that the moment there is an escape I made it out to be this euphoric experience of self indulgence, then you need to reexamine your life and look at why you feel that way

Well the one thing I'm happy to repeat over the festive season is all the footy that comes thick and fast. Lets hope Arteta is up to it, draw wasn't too bad, at least they showed some willingness to play this week

You don't really need breaks if you love what you do and get in the moment! That's actually probably the worst thing you can do is have a break and interrupt the flow! I'm with you though - this is an escape for me and I feel like STEEM is a great place for me to share my positive energy around! Love it!

There's so much football happening it's untrue! I'll be going to the game on Sunday so hopefully I can be a good luck charm for them as well! At least they didn't crumble and looks like Xhaka is on the way out in the January transfer window to Berlin if what I read in the tabloid can be believed!

Preach brother! I like the getting together with friends and family but the requisite giving of things that aren’t even needed is getting old. When you don’t get gifts for people you’re shunned; if you speak against the consumerist aspect of it you’re labeled weird. I love seeing the excitement and joy on young children’s faces at Christmas time but adults each giving each other 25$ or 50$ is tiring. Keep the money and let’s hang out instead!

We bucked it all and spent time with friends. What I found amusing was people who treated you like shit all year expect you to roll over on the day and let them harass you more. Not this year and people were butt hurt they couldn’t harass me lol

Lol yeah you're being cheap or a hippie if you don't want to show your affection and remain traditional to the almighty dollar! The way I see it, it's just unravelling how far and how silly its become and people don't want to accept that

Damn your last paragraph was so much real talk, I thought I was the only one feeling this way. I was like, am I really going to have to go through this and hear the same garbage questions, opinions and nonsense I did in previous years? I'm open to being the smaller man, the petty one who doesn't roll over for a holiday or whatevers sake. Leave me be, let me be wrong. lol my mental health is more important to me

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