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I Wanted Change In My Life

I am just really fed-up into going for my dialysis because it is really hard to move around if not for the pain-reliever that I was taking which temporary relieves me of my pain issues and a bit of the discomfort of stiffness with my back, joints, and all. But I am afraid of a lingering death which is why I kept on going and going and unfortunately/fortunately my body is still staying strong.

A tough nut to crack once a steemian told me and I am just the evidence of that. I still do wanted to stay alive because of one thing I do want to see the rise of the price of BTC as foretold by some people. I also wanted to see the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ and be with him in his thousand year reign. How glorious a day/years that would be and it just makes me smile when I do think of that.

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I Am A Tough Nut To Crack And Would Stay That Way

But when I am in a hard situation like I am having a breathlessness situation I just wanted to die already. So if I am feeling well then I still wanted to stay alive and go on with my life for that matter. But now I am just focusing on the basics of my life in particular, to just live a near normal life free from much pain and appetite-loss.

I am not really wanting to make anymore high ambition as schooling is not anymore applicable for me or trying to learn academic skills in order to get hired in the end. Anyway I can just make a business of my own if a miracle does happen and I could walk again then maybe if God wills it I will make another set of plans for myself and my family and others.


My Ambition Is Just To Live A day At A Time And Trying To Achieve A Better sense Of Well-being That's All

I just hope that God would bless all my plans and goals because without his will then nothing will bear fruits on all what I wanted to happen which are my medical goals among others to improve my hopeless situation as I see it. But I am still seeing some hope if I would have something that would speak for me which is my financial capacity if cryptocurrencies would shoot up again which I am almost certain will turn the pages of my history in this interesting world.

But in spite of my medical burden in life I am thankful that I got a tool that gives me hope and that is by a way of steem and other cryptocurrencies. Although they cam a bit to little too late at least they are helping me with my current condition and situation otherwise I will maybe have not survived until this day. So with that I am very thankful with all my heart especially in the steem platform where I have won many friends that is kept on supporting me with anything that they have to offer. May God bless us all and the cryptos that we have.


Cryptocurrencies Gives Us A Leveled Playing Field In Earning Money Which Could Improve Our Lives

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