I Haven't Visited A Dentist Yet About My Chipped Molar

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I am just concerned about my chipped upper molar where about 3/4 were chipped off last year at around October 10th last year whiles I am trying to eat a crispy fried pork skin and it is another concern for me because I am not sure how a dentist could take it off or fix it because there is not much to grab if it were to be pulled out and I am sure that the 1/4 protruding part of that molar will certainly break off it it will be forcefully pulled or moved.

The problem now is that only a very thin amount of enamel is just protecting the nerve of the tooth already so if it would hurt then it would hurt real bad in the event that a tooth rot would happen.

my molar.gif

Another Part Of This Molar Got Chipped Off Recently

So I think it needs to be operated on and I am worried again that it would incur another hole in my pocket. I do think that I have to get appointed soon for a dentist and what is just preventing me is my appearance especially the inside of my mouth so it is an apprehension being seen by other people makes me more nervous then being in the dentist chair itself.

I have brave this one up so that I can prevent any further damage to my weak molar because if there happen to have a nerve involvement it will be hard and expensive to treat it that way I presume. It just sucks to get bombarded with problems like this.

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