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I Have To Know My Heart

I must see if my heart already has some form of disease or illness that I should be aware of because it would be required by the ENT surgeon as a clearance test for a possible Parathyroidectomy. So God forbid that it would show positively with the results and I pray that my heart is not that diseased yet but in the back of my mind my heart is already as sick as my bones because of my being a long-term patient which is due to death already painfully speaking.

I just needed badly the Parathyroidectomy so that once and for all my pains would alleviate and a new friend that I met through FB told me that even her breathing had improved. It makes me feel excited already if I would get the gift of a lifetime which is that Parathyroidectomy I will surely feel like I am in heaven already. No more pain and no more expensive and difficult drugs to take although of course I must look-out for my diet still.

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I Still Feel Okay With My Heart Despite Years Of High Blood Pressure Situation And Fluid Overload In My Body

I hope that my parents would support me with my plan because they are just pessimistic about it especially my mother and my own Endocrinologist which I believe have no clue about Parathyroidectomy. The are holding me back and I am angry about it because they are just a barrier for my plans to help me improve my life.

I know about the risks, I could die from the operation which is actually not that invasive because patients can even go home the next day. I am welcoming what would transpire about the operation even if would mean my death, well if I would die from it I would be happy because at least I am now free from pain and worries about this lifetime that I only briefly enjoyed because of what happened arising from a failing and failed Kidney.

But my plan is if I can waiver the doctors about freeing them from any unfavorable eventualities in my behalf just for them to continue or go for my operation then I will do it, it is a thing that I am looking for ward to than just them saying to me that it is impossible for me to get it and that's it.


If that happens I will ask them to refer me to another ENT surgeon that can do the job for me. I am already desperate about that operation because I know that I will get freed from pain and misery because at that point my bones will at least stop leaching out Calcium and regenerate and absorb calcium even though my appearance will never come back which for now the least of my concern.

My mother will go now to my dialysis center to get some of the requirement about getting some assistance from the Charity Sweepstakes Office branch and along with the documents for the the request about my 2D Echo which I hope will not bring me another bad news of another health issue regarding my heart.

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