Oh No! Bitcoin Is Dead!!!

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We should just sell our BTCs and call it quits already, it seems hopeless now and BTC will never surpass the all time high. LOL as a classic price movement any quick parabolic move is always met with correction and that is what happened today. It is another good opportunity to buy BTC and scoop cheaper before it goes up again. I do believe that it will at least good beyond 14k which is an enough value for BTC miners to profit after the rewards in mining will be cut in half.

So maybe the price of BTC is already set for 14k per BTC we do not know, nothing is certain about cryptos but certainly BTC will rise in value and it is just a matter of time which unfortunately I do not have the luxury of waiting for such long wait if that would be the case.

But things are getting exciting for BTC because of the halving. I tend to get emotionally affected by my need to sell and need to hold. If I would hold then it will be a long wait because I do not want to sell when in the future the prices would still go up although if I would sell at anytime it is all gain for me anyway.

The last thing I would sell really is my BTC holdings if things would get tight and I already had spent my steem holdings. Maybe by the time I already had sold my steem BTC is already substantially risen up for me to get comfortable with the value that I could use for my goals. So we needed more prayers because many people relies on cryptos for many intentions and I hope that my intentions would get fulfilled soon before it would be all too late.


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Great post! Thanks for your opinion