General Life Update!

in life •  10 months ago 

Hi Everyone!

I am flying! I have been pushing hardest on the Fund, talking to builders from all around the platform! If you think I should be talking to you - well get in touch with me! @ecoinstant#9078 on discord.

I need to do so many posts, but one of the ones that just seems to have so much development its hard to even keep a post updated about, is #upfundme:

UpFundMe and Banjo

@taskmanager continues with the UFMlotto and now has UFMroutlette - there is a lot of potential in this general posting tribe that keeps working hard to get the tokenomics part right!

Another absolutely lovely update:

My interview with @TCPolymath is released!

I have also been keeping an eye on @steemcitysim - originally unofficially announced HERE.


I have a friend selling his optimized city (@busbecq) - get in touch with him if you want to make an offer!

For the rest of today I need to get cleaning grass on the farm. The chickens like to help me, and get sassy if I don't let them out to clean with me.

It was my Mom's birthday on the 4th, and I had a very nice call with her.


Love and Light to all the souls out there :)

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A bit of support from me!

Thank you for your wonderful positive energy!

😀 That's the only way to be, right?

The rain feature is crazy good. I wonder who will complain about getting free tokens for doing nothing lol You know there is always one

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