The amount of work is the same.

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"Happiness is an attitude. We either make ourselves miserable, or happy and strong. The amount of work is the same."- Francesca Reigler.

The amount of work we put into making ourselves miserable is the same we will put into making ourselves strong and happy.
Do not spend too much time wasting away in misery when you can be happy and living healthy.

The attitude that propels the state of happiness is ours to uphold, maintain and live with. If you are not aware the power to be happy lies with you, you will always have a reason to look outside yourself for what is already inside you.


Every work we are involved in has an endgame and when we have the results, we will be able to remain ahead of the curve while forging ahead.

When you work at being happy, you will surely find happiness and be strong. But when you spend that little time you have wasting away and wishing there is a better way to living life rather than living life, you will have wasted good amounts of time and strength pursuing the wrong things.

Since the choice to be happy or sad lies with you the individual, I think it is best you follow through with your guts and process the acts as they unfold before your eyes daily.

Spend the most of your energy fighting to win and be happy. Don't wallow away in what could have been, stay with what will be and forge ahead despite the challenges that comes your way.

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So so true.

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If only more people would read personal growth books they would understand that they have power.

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