My progress-Day 27 Slimming Journal

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I had a nice relaxing weekend with more food than I would normally have but I am happy to report it wasn’t a binging day! I had few slices of pizza, burger with chips because I didn’t feel like cooking over the weekend. The weather was horrible which made perfect day for having some cake and chocolate😁👌

I guess this is actually some sort of victory because I didn’t stuff my face to much😁
I just ate till I was satisfied. If I would be on “diet mentality” like years ago, I would eat waaaay more than that!

So, I took my measurements this morning and this is my progress since I started:
-3 cm in waist
-2 cm around belly
-6 cm around hips
-2 thighs
Weight -9lb

I am very happy with those results, what’s more important is that I don’t actually force myself to do anything I don’t feel like doing😬 I should be at the gym today but I didn’t go because I enjoyed my day with family on the sofa and food is no longer on my mind so I don’t overeat anymore!

Tomorrow is gym time and need to do some batch cooking😉
How are you guys??

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Nice work. Looks like you’re making some nice progress.

I’ve just had an absolute bender of a weekend while some friends visited from interstate. So now I need to get back on the fitness wagon.

Healthy eating, good quality sleep, and daily weight training for me from here onwards.

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Yes! We all need a break😉I am just getting ready for my weight training! Have a lovely week ahead❤️

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Great job, that is some pretty fantastic results for 27 days in. I think it's important to have phases in eating, sometimes strict and dedicated and sometimes relaxed and carefree! Sounds like you have a good balance going on :)

Thank you, I will be following your posts to learn more for sure😉 Your Protein post is fantastic 👌

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That's a great progress. Good Luck & keep it up.

Thank you😉

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