My progress-Day 34 Slimming journal (46 more😉)

in life •  10 months ago 

Good evening from Marseille😎😃🌞🥖
I am here for 4 days with my friend and we are having a great time relaxing away from Manchester and “mother duties”😉

Before I left home yesterday I quickly checked my weight and it was showing I lost another 1lb. That is 10,5 lb total weight loss, since I started!
As you know weight doesn’t mean much to me.I prefer checking my progress using measurements and photos which I will be taking after I am back to Manchester with full belly😁

Plan for next few days:

🚶‍♀️🚴‍♀️Move more by doing lots sightseeing

🍽🥖🥞🥨🥐Learning to recognise my hunger levels and eat what I want just don’t go into “F****t mentality”😬This is the most difficult part😁
😴😴Get lots sleep because I don’t need to worry about taking kids to school😃👌

Wherever you are,do your best today and enjoy your day❤️

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