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I have come across different meanings and definitions for this particular word ’friendship’, but I'll give my own definition of that word with a real life experience. His name is Dosumu Oluseyi Micheal popularly known on steemit platform as @imbigdee.

Our friendship started way back in 2003 when we both gained admission into Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife (OAU) to study engineering courses. We were total strangers to each other from different worlds, I based in Lagos at the time and he was based in Ibadan. We were neither roommates, neither were we classmates as he was studying electrical/electronics engineering, while I was studying agricultural engineering. But he had a friend that was my roommate, so he came around to our room frequently. We got so close that we shared ideas and played around together alot.

However, because of some situations I won't like to talk about in this post, I left OAU and went to start afresh in another university, this time to study civil engineering. So, for almost five years, we did not talk, neither did we set eyes on each other, but as fate will have it, he was posted to the state I was schooling for his annual service to his country. He needed urgent accommodation, but he knew nobody in the entire state, but he was able to remember me and sought for my number from someone. He called me and told me his ordeal and that was it, a reunion, after 5years of no communication.


Furthermore, all we had at that point in time was a golden opportunity to start afresh and we took it. Since 2011 that we had the opportunity of a reunion, we've been an inseperable pair ever since. Some people will say we are gay, some said we wont last but there was something all of the side-attractions taught me, friendship is all about love, trust and loyalty. We've had the good, bad and ugly times but we still stick together. I stopped calling him friend a long time ago, now I call him brother.


Lastly, I want to use this opportunity to say a big thank you to you , @imbigdee, for all you did for me during my trying and difficult times and also, for having my back always, you are a true definition of a friend. Tomorrow is your big day and all i can do right now is rejoice for you and wish you a stress-free year full of prosperity, upliftments and breakthroughs. You are sick at the moment and I'll say, get well soonest @imbigdee because your are healed by his divine healing power.

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