Ordinary bank day. A real story

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Photo by Museums Victoria on Unsplash

I know it's not a recent picture, it was the only one I found that has no copyright issues and what it took to illustrate this story. And I know; from the type of clothes they are wearing and the box office operator's hairstyle apparently it's the 1970s.

Anyhow, I am told many times that I often write stories with happy endings. Well, it's time to write a "real" one. In other words, with an unhappy ending.

I'm one of those people who hates going to the banks. I know that nowadays with the technological advances, the super-fast internet, and the disruptive technology of the blockchain it is almost unnecessary to go to a bank in person.

Well, here, you have to. In my country you need to go to bank offices for most financial operations, and by financial operations I mean paying services, making cash deposits (which happens very rarely, I would say Halley's comet passes more time through the Earth than I do a cash deposit) and, which should be normal, trying to make a cash withdrawal.

And it's unfortunate that in my country we can't withdraw as much cash as we want. It's not that I'm a millionaire and I want to withdraw hundreds of thousands of Bolivars every day (yes, it is the name of our currency), but unfortunately you can only withdraw cash maybe a couple of times a month, if you only have an account in a single bank; and if you're lucky you could withdraw in cash the equivalent of $3, a few cents more, a few cents less (yes, it sucks).

So, kind reader, thank the universe, God or higher entity (nothing?) that you believe in, every time you go to an ATM and get all the cash you need. Well, here, those machines hardly work.

Perhaps many of you will tell me that this is not the case, that ATMs do work here. Well, maybe you were lucky enough to live in a capital city (where they might work) or in the Capital city.

Anyway, as I said before, I hate going to the banks. And it's not because it's dangerous, or because there are thugs or thieves who could steal your money or follow you and rob you after you leave the bank... Agh...! There are so many stories on the way...

Aside from the above, on that specific day, I had to go to the bank offices only to stamp a certificate proving that I had an account in that bank. A simple stamp and signature from any box office staff.

Piece of cake, isn't it?

Bank offices usually open at 8:30 in the morning. That's what the little sign on the front door says. Well, that day they opened at 8:40 in the morning.

Excellent (Can you read my sarcasm?)

Maybe you're thinking I'm overreacting. What is waiting 10 more minutes? Ten minutes is nothing, but for someone who's been waiting 2 hours, it's a lot. Why 2 hours? Because the only bank where I have an account is the busiest. Yes, I arrived at 6:30 am and already had 20 people in front of me.

Now, you're probably wondering as I did. If it's just sealing a small piece of paper, why make all the queues? I'm not going to withdraw money or deposit it. I thought so too. But the guard, who looks at you as if you were going to rob the bank, told me that I had to wait in line just like everyone else.

So I queued up, obviously, after thinking about the whole guard's past and future generation (You know what I mean, don't you?).

The best of all is when someone in line asks you what you're coming for and then the nervousness starts:

"A certificate?" They said.

"I think you should bring a copy of your birth certificate too," says an average citizen.

"I heard that the entire account statement had to be printed on paper since the account was created along with the birth certificate," says a new character who intrudes without permission.

And so on, my blood pressure and my nervousness rise by one more degree.

Finally, after let time run for 2 hours (plus 10 minutes), which seemed like an eternity, she appears. That's what I call, an android or what is the same, a (subordinate) employee of the bank, who had to separate those who were going to perform box office operations from those who were going to perform customer service (that's what I assumed).

Well, this character indicated to all of us that we should make the same line for all operations.

It was Monday morning, here Monday is the first day of the week, so you're starting the week, which undoubtedly suggests that you start with all the desire to work. Wrong, again

Luckily for me, as soon as I entered the bank, the girl (box office operator) places a sign in front of her window: CLOSED (Can you read my sarcasm again?)

Excellent, at this hour, the girl is going to eat...

Isn't it an annoyance?

After sitting in front of the box office waiting for the sign to be removed (running with the good luck that particular branch has chairs), a new client appears out of nowhere (who didn't spend 2 hours and 10 minutes waiting, don't forget the 10 minutes), approaches the box office, which still says CLOSED, greets the girl and she removes the sign, receives a paper bag and some worksheets... At that moment one thinks: "All right, at least she has already started working.

Wrong, again

The girl puts up the CLOSED sign again.

Isn't that irritating?

And then people ask me: "Why do you suffer from high blood pressure?"

Obviously, we all look at the girl at the box office in a disapproving way and of course, we comment with a few decibels greater than a whisper, creating a murmur loud enough to indicate that we don't agree with her behavior.

"What a nerve!", the words come out of my mouth without me noticing...

Misstaakeeee!!! (Have you ever seen tv series Scrubs?)

When it was my turn, which was simply to have a wet stamp and signature placed on the document I was carrying. So I had to give them my ID and wait 10 more minutes for them to verify that I was the person who required the stamp.

For God's sake! It's just a stamp! The document has been printed from the same web portal of the bank.

Do you see why I hate visiting this type of institution?

Maybe it's my attitude, my luck, (the stars) who knows? But it happens to me often when I go to a bank.

Don't make me write what happens if I try to cash a check! For God's sake!

After getting off the bench, relieved, slowly going down the stairs, Freddy Mercury sounds in my mind singing We are the champions, my friend...

Thank you! Thank you very much, kind readers, for getting this far.

Kind wishes

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Thanks a lot. I appreciated it very much. 😊


Many will think that this is written in sarcastic humor, but we Venezuelans know that it is totally real.

You described so many situations of mediocre behavior on the part of the people who work in that bank, this can be unheard of in any other part of the world, but in Venezuela, this is part of the day to day.

Thanks to the Gods (Zeus, Thanos, whatever...), you got the wet seal and the signature for your document.

That's right, my friend @juanmolina, this is the crude reality.

And yes! Thanks God that I've got my document signed and sealed 😅

🙄 Ouhh, jadams2k18, poor you, I prayed with you that you would get the simple stamp and signature 🙏🏻

Thank you @suntree. Don't worry, thank God, I did get them.
Thanks for your prayers. 😊

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I appreciate your upvotes and resteemed.
Thanks 😄