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Is it the ability to lift up a huge tire truck?

The capability of fighting 20 men and come out victorious?

Or to hold your breath under water for 3 hours?

I think all those are good and all but to me?

This is what I think strength is:
The extraordinary will to keep pressing forward despite all factors in our surrounding is pulling us back. Because anyone can build muscles but not everyone can build their mind and fight their demons


To face emotions tournament with a smile on out face

To look at the glass half full rather than half empty

To hope and face fear, not hide from it

To me that is real strength because it is a test of will and not might

And right now I'm really battling with the latter. Keeping the faith, striving forward.

Thanks for reading, 'tis your girl @lizbethk

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I loved your post dear friend @lizbethk
keep the force
I wish you a wonderful weekend

Well said. A big word from the debt of the heart.
Well done dear.