Flaghouse 5: 1 day to go

in life •  9 months ago 


So, who's going to throw the first flag, you?

I stopped in front of Random Steemian 2 and pushed my face up close to his.

Well?? Don't I get an answer!?

I stepped back, Random Steemian 2 had gone red and was shuffling his feet.

Shaking my head, I paced to and fro in front of the rest of them.

Damn, they were a motley crew of carpet baggers and fly-by-nighters. If this is what we had to defend the pool then we were in trouble. Deep deep trouble.

Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed Random Steemian 6 attempting to surreptitiously roll a spitty little cigarette. I set my mouth in a grim line as I eyed his motley clothing and flat cap, bloody artists.

Surely someone is going to throw a flag? Anyone?? ANYONE??!?

Random Steemian 4 was a small lady with floury fingered hands. She wrung said hands together.

I'm just a food blogger, I'm not here to flag anyone?

She wailed.

Yeah, I 'm here for Steemmonsters, man. I ain't into all that shit?

Chimed in Random Steemian 7

I snorted like a bull with a sore penis and stormed back and forth angrily.

This is fucking disgraceful! So, none of you will flag a damn thing? No-one is going to defend the chain? The EIP won't work if we don't start flagging?!

Random Steemian 3 stepped forward, he was terribly overweight and had a lazy eye.

Actually, I believe that flagging is an act of violence upon the person and I certainly won't be flagging ANYONE.

He stated proudly.

What??! Fucking violence?! A flag??? Jesus, you have obviously never been punched in the fucking face?!

I bellowed.

Well, no. But that's beside the point.

I waved a hand dismissively at him as if he were one of those fish that nibble feet skin.

I stopped and faced them.

You craven dogs.

I snapped.

We're not craven! We are all really good friends actually. We don't want to go about flagging out friends.

Said Random Steemian 4 defensively.

I threw my head back and laughed like I was flagging someone called Doggo.


They all gaped in horror as if I was wearing my pyjamas and complaining about the dog's erection.

Yeah, That's right. I said it.

I stormed out.

We could be forked.

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Here you have one ;)

Be sure to check out @steemflagrewards @flagtrail and also @freezepeach to neutralize bully flags! :]

Jan ape.gif

Haha!! Boom!! Struck home!! ;0D


It will always be 'flagged' and 'flags', not matter how much they try to change us, to indoctrinate our minds with new buzzwords such as downvotes and downvoting, we will remain steadfast.. it shows age, maturity and steadfastness...

I like steadfast. That's what it is and that's what we will do, remain steadfast!!!

Flags sound more fun! Will until you get pummeled by them, lol

In years to come, judgement will be made on steemians... and what terms they use, Veteran or Not.., by the use of their language or terminology..


comment votes are something used in the previous century.., er HF.. though I feel mean by abstaining somehow.., no more.. no more... ;)

Lol, I feel really mean not doing content votes now!

The judgement will be harsh

Maybe this should be broadcasted so we don't look as mean as we feel.

I think at least some of the time people comment on my posts to get that vote.. a vote that is wasteful now, though it still says 3c...

I know what you mean. I have been tempted to put a footer on my posts explaining!

Flagged for jealousy that you beat me to this bit of satire!

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Hahaha!! That's the way to do it!! :0D

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

I really should go back and read all of these methinks, my guide to this hardf&k. Or I can take the lazy way out and have you drop me links in discord to those who need a good flgging 😁

Hehe, I think it will simply be a case of...

1 approach barrel with gun

2 point gun inside barrel

3 shoot


Maybe we can have a reward for 'first flag under HF21' :D

A competition!! That would get them flooding in!!!

I'm just a food blogger, I'm not here to flag anyone

hahaha :D

As long as people don't mind blogging about their food for nothing, then that's fine.

I don't resonate with the act being violent at all, malicious at times maybe.

Tune in tomorrow for the action, or not :)

Hehe, I think the folk that think it is violence are off their chump! Smh.

Hehe, I am quite looking forward to it. Should we all post before or after, just in case!

Before, during, and after! I plan to be on a pink li-lo with a Cuban.... cigar :)

Goddamn your eyes!! That's exactly what I want to be doing!!

You'll be doing this in a few years while I'm smashing a keyboard over a monitor :)

Maybe in a few years we will all be smokin dem Cubans in the pool!

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@meesterboom Hello dear friend, we are just a few hours away from the massacre, this will be worse than "Massacre in Texas"
We will see what happens.
I wish you a wonderful night

Hehe, that is a good way of putting it. Let us see what the new day brings!;

If you don't want to downvote friends you just don't upvote them and explain why they might want to modify XD

All plagiarism and art thievery should definitely get downvoted though.

Yeah, I have seen countless reasons given for not doing it. The violence one was funny. Peugeot I have no problem giving them out but always for a reason!

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haha! sounds like Uncle Boom! I don't like that flagging stuff.