Forkhouse 5: 2 days left

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Two days left till Hardfork 21, our feeds are littered with twoddle from people who should really know better, telling us how it is going to be when it hits.

It would be churlish of me not to join in too.

Come with me in the almost penultimate part of my most meta series yet...


Might I say it is a great pleasure to speak with you, Mr Bohm. I have long been an admirer of your work.

Heather Bandersnatch smiled welcomingly at me.

It is a great pleasure to be on your show, Heather. A great pleasure.

I smiled back.

It wasn't often than someone such as myself got on such a famous show with the reach that this one had. I was pleased to have been asked.

So, as one of the world's foremost experts on Hardforks, perhaps you can tell us why do people fear them quite so much.


I took a sip of water and crossed my tweed trousered legs carefully before answering.

Well, the thing is, Heather, that historically, Hardforks have been very very bad, their effects felt far and wide. It is fair to say that as a community we have been lucky to survive some of the worst ones.

I said in my most reassuring tone.

Lucky to survive... Just how bad can a hardfork be?

Heather looked unsettled.

I leaned forward, warming to the topic.

How bad? Well, I wouldn't say bad exactly. Perhaps... Catastrophic in some cases?

I said with the casual air of a magician sawing someone in half yet knowing that all the time they were safely contorted up in the top section of the box.

Catastrophic?! In what cases could they be catastrophic?

Heather was definitely struggling to keep her cool which surprised me, she was normally such a calm anchor.

There is no need to be alarmed. Such events are rare indeed. I mean for such a hardfork to be catastrophic it would have to be a large one, one with many changes rolled up into it... Perhaps even a change to the curve...?


Heather's eyebrows were reaching dizzying heights on her forehead.

Don't worry though, the chances of such a thing happening are incredibly small. Almost non-existent, actually.

I resisted the urge to reach out and pat her leg reassuringly. After all, this was the #metoo age.

Heather took a big deep breath, she had gone quite pale.

Mister Bohm. What would you say, if I told you that we had received information that such a Hardfork was due to strike in only a couple of days from now?

I took my glasses off and looked severely at Heather.

I would hope that you were grievously mistaken, Miss Bandersnatch, grievously mistaken indeed...

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We have certainly been blessed with an abundance of #hf21 posts in the past couple of weeks. I'm up to speed, are you up to speed?

  • pile on posts at 3 mins
  • don't vote comments
  • buy drama tokens
  • go flag some twaddle

See, sorted!

That's the list!! Follow it to the letter and you can't go wrong!!! :0D

I must say though, I actually miss voting on comments :0/

Yeah same, those 2/3 cents add up over the years. I think it will need something like a 4/5 cent vote to escape dust, so maybe I'll vote the best one or two I see.

I thought that maybe even that much would still get gubbed by the new curve?

Hopefully not, I will experiment and see!

Hmm, that would be painful!

I could do with another 50k SP. I wonder what the loan options are like these days..

Doubling up. That works be flipping magic. I might have a look myself!!

buy drama tokens
seek shelter in the shade
and then engage

I must admit I haven't read any this time around.

Don't read, it's poison!!!

The curve...., surely not the curve? ;)

  • don't vote comments

Surely untrue..??

Sweet jeebus!? One can only hope!!!

But then...., nobody will comment any more.., coz they wont get comment votes.., hey wait.. 'I'm commenting...'

Hehe, the only reason people do is because they get paid to... Oh wait...

That's what I was thinking,.. but we're doing it for FREE.. reminds me of that thing I used to use years back.., now whats the name... er.., um, Face something..

BEBO!!! ;0)

hehe, now,: actually that takes me back!

Now this is twoddle i enjoy reading haha :)

It's much better than that boring old we're all going to die or everything is going to be amazing! :0D

Today I caught myself getting to almost appreciate the ramblings and "know-it-all-ness" of my mother-in-law more than all this mumbo-jumbo about HF.

HAha and that is when you know it is going beyond the pale!!

That's a good analogy. Let's hope its not death that takes us all :)

Not right away at least! :O)

From the time I have on steem, I have been voted few comments, but I have always thought that the comments are for knowing more topics that show, share a love, meet the author, a recommendation to improve or just share a greeting for a good job .
I did not know your blog, I find it curious your way of presenting the information, through this character, it is also softer to understand, humbly receive my congratulations and it is a pleasure to meet you. Good vibes.

Espero haber podido darme a entender. Buena vibra

Down trou, down grundies, spread your legs a comfortable distance apart,bend forward and place your head between your thighs, kiss your asse goodbye

Perhaps!! All is to be seen!

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haha! Brilliant sir meesterboom, no dwoddle here!