Forkhouse 5: 7 days left

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With Hardfork 21 now a mere 7 days away our feeds will be littered with nonsense from people telling us how it is going to be when it hits. It would be churlish of me not to join in.

Join me in this most ambitious series yet...



I mashed my hand down repeatedly on the car horn at the traffic in front of me. It was gridlock, nothing moving.

I slid my window down and leaned out to yell.

Come on. Come on. Come on!?!?

Didn't they realise what was happening? Why did no-one seem to care??


Fuck it.

I slammed the car into reverse and careened backward, smashing into the car behind me with a crump.

I shifted into first and jammed my foot down on the gas.

With a tortured screech my car untangled itself from the mess of the car behind and leapt forward.

I aimed at the barrier shielding the road from the embankment and with a throaty roar the car leapt through it and into the air, wheels spinning.


Groaning, I spat out some dust and rolled to my feet from the roadside where I had leapt clear at the last minute.

Some people had gotten out of their cars and were staring in shock at what had just happened.

Can't you see it!?! Seven days!? Seven days and all this...

I waved a hand frantically at the cars, the road, the cityscape beyond.

All this will be gone!? The old ways will be gone. Nothing left...!?

A man ventured forward and reached out as if to gently take my arm.

I bared my teeth in a snarl and he backed off hurriedly holding his hands out placatingly.


All of this, it will be NEW STEEM!! Don't you get it? Don't you understand?

The sheeple gazed back impassively. They didn't know or lacked the ability to understand the storm that was coming.

I saw someone on their phone, gesticulating at me and talking animatedly. In the background I could hear sirens and the whup whup of an approaching helicopter.

Maybe it was the DAO or the much touted New Flaggers.

They weren't getting me so easily.

I tensed and leapt...

Somewhere else.

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Next chance I get, I am buying MORE steem.

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I'll make sure there will be hardly any left to buy, haha!

It's all gone!! We're all doomed!!!! :0D

Judging from the past history when every HF went so smoothly, I say we have nothing in the world to worry about. That and the fact that the coin increases in value over time, I think we will be just fine :D

Hahaha, love it!!! Yes indeed. Smooth as butter. All-time who says different deserves to be shot!!! :0)

I still hold hope that everything will be alright and buy more steem. As long as it doesn't go the way of TSU, I am all good with it.

Less rewards, more work... what's not to love?

Throw me some muesli bars to take down under with me while I wait it out.

Flies away on a chopper


Lol, yeah, stock up on them bars!!! What was the TSU?

I am sure it will work out but there might be some rough times ahead!!

I am making them as I write this! I am in it no matter! And I am still stacking that steem! Oh!! And I finally made 5,000SP (the old fashioned way!)

Rough times... Well, we will all stick together and it will come out fine! Power in numbers!

TSU was another blogging platform that shut down overnight. It was the first paying platform I was in. Many shuffled over here after.

Really! Wow. I totally didn't know that. Yes, here's hoping it doesn't go that way!!

Congrats on the milestone!!!

Thank you! :)


Wow! I just saw that my upvote was worth nothing and never noticed!!!! You should have called me out on it!!! Sorry abut that!

Take a !tip .30

Lol, was it? I only ever fuss about upvote values from those random been strangers that drop by and pretend they have voted, lol!!

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Its all changing... what will we do.., last shot at @ocdb too, mine was yesterday..

Hehe, yeah. Will take a bit of getting used to once the fork is complete and the lack of testing shows itself in the simplest of things not working. The drive seems to be on automating the testing of the new features and not a sniff of any manual regression. Sigh.

I'm digging a hole to hide in. Take some cheese and beer with me. Come out when all of Steem has exploded and I can see what's left for me to enjoy here :P

It shall either be a sad and blasted wasteland or paradise!!!

Or maybe just about the same!!! :0D

I'm already expecting some flags my way when I bitch about certain cryptos or certain aspects of the different projects xD

But one thing I'm sure... I'll use the downvote button a lot, I'll make sure that at least once a day I go out and try to find some content thieves, spammers,etc... and flag them down to hell!!
The more I flag the more inflation there is for the ones that deserve it!

Hehe, I certainly intend to use it. I expect to get some too. The times they are a coming!!

meesterboom (76) · 8 hours ago
It shall either be a sad and blasted wasteland or paradise!!!
Or maybe just about the same!!! :0D

Probably "about the same" Mr. Boom with the exception of things which will not be the same, if it turns out to be the same...!?!?!?!?!?

Same old same old, that's what we will be saying in a month or two. With less rewards :0D

You know it's srs bzns when they send the heliochopters XD

Choppers!! Man the barricades!! Get into the mines!!

@meesterboom Hello dear friend, Seven days for the chimes we will see what happens, there are many expectations and hopes for it. I have faith that everything will be fine.
I wish you a wonderful night

Seven days of nightmares my friend!! ;0)

Dammit!! it's alsmost frightening how people underestimate this whole operation.

They have absolutely no fucking clue that this coming Hardfork will make Hitler's Blitzkrieg look like a lousy chess tournament for senior chimpanzees with Alzheimer ...

Exactly!!! It's an extinction event!! :0D

Survival of the fittest ... and filthiest!?

The filthiest!! I'm safe then!!

Oh hum, yawn, is something about to happen???????
The masses were getting used to the way things are, there are even some that are actually making a little bit from their dedicated work.
This can not happen, screw up the system by changing things again, in 12 months they will have sorted out this change and we will have the next one ready..
Keep the peasants downtrodden, bring back the guillotine,

There is the change that's coming that will address the rewards and then in approximately Feb/march will be the long fabled SMTs!

Yeah, Right

Hehe, well they haven't set a date but that's my reckoning

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Aqui mi visita amigo,buen trabajo,mis saludos desde venezuela,un abrazo

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