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Screamed the Little Lady affectionately at her brother.


He screamed back.

The Good Lady, like a seventies hippy, attempted to intervene with slow flapping hands like a fat heron attempting to fly.

Guys, guys. Let's all calm down and consider each other's feelings?

Ignoring her, the Little Lady narrowed her eyes and started tugging at the stick in the Little Boom's hands.


She somehow shouted through gritted teeth.


Yelped the Little Boom in response, tugging and hauling at the stick like a beaver trying to sabotage a rival's dam.

The stick. which was actually an ornate twig with snow for the bottom of the Christmas Tree came loose from the Little Boom's hands and he wailed in anguish even as the Little Lady careened backwards into the half decorated Christmas Tree.


Screamed the Little Lady as a cascade of little hangy things tumbled from the branches onto her head.

The Little Boom, seizing the moment, leapt forward and stamped the side of her head victoriously.


More stuff fell from the tree and the Good Lady frantically grabbed the Little Boom to stop him stamping his big sister's head into a pancake.

No... No! We do not hit. Do you understand, little man? I will not let you hit your Sister!

The hippy facade dropped from the Good Lady as she attempted to wrestle the thrashing, now screaming Octopus of a toddler away from his sister. She, in turn, was now wailing and sobbing desolately.

Daddy-Bear... A little help over here would be appreciated?!

The Good Lady grunted as the Little Boom attempted to both swing out of her arms and lob a boot in the direction of his prone sister.

To top it off, the Christmas tree which had been swaying back and forth decided to fall with a thatchy qumpch on top of the little Lady who screamed even louder than before.

It's on my HEAD!!!

She yelped, trying to drag herself back out from under it.


The Good Lady Barked.

I looked up from my slumped position on the couch and chuckled.

Oh, I think you have it all in hand. No need for me to run in.

I said, trying not to giggle at the bedlam of screams and torment.

The Good Lady whipped the Little Boom round and in a masterfully ninja-esque moment pulled one of her norks out and stuck it in his mouth almost at the same time. He instantly quit thrashing and stilled.

The Little Lady pulled herself out from under the tree and glared at us all.

I'm going to my room!

She stormed out.

All was silent.

I let out an accidental burp followed by a giggle. The Good Lady peered over at me quizzically.

What is that you are drinking anyway?

It's the mulled wine. Remember, I asked you if you wanted some and you said after the tree was up.

I said cheerily, attempting to keep both eyelids open at the same time.

It smells quite strong. I can smell it from here?

She sniffed at the air like an awful demonic dog scenting the blood of a hoomy-wuman.

Brandy. I always put brandy in my mulled wine. Itsh the secret sauce. Ho ho ho.

I shoogled my head back and forth merrily.

Oh my god. You're drunk and it's not even three!?!

The Good Lady stared at me in disbelief.

I would like to disagree with your fine assessment, my lovely lovely wuvvly wife. But. I fear, on this occasion, you may be correct.

The Good Lady sighed hugely and rolled her eyes to the ceiling.

I started singing snippets of random Christmas songs.

This was fun. I love Christmas!

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I also choose to watch the Christmas tree decorating process.

I carry it up from storage, erect it and check the lights. After that, other have the join of bedlam.

However, I think the Good Lady might be giving you a couple of Silent Nights.

That's what I do!! Carry all the stuff like a pack horse then sit and watch... It's been madness!!!

I think I might be in the doghuse!;

OMG! That is funny, right there!

However, I think the Good Lady might be giving you a couple of Silent Nights.

LoL! And Boomy is not getting any til well into the new year if he's lucky XD

I world hate to break with tradition!! :0D

Oh I think you have the best idea - little kids can drive you nuts and wine or anything stronger always helps. I just hope you do not end up on the good ladies' naughty list....

I seem to have escaped it and she joined in after that! Hurrah, it was the only way to stay sane!

Oh!! Doesn't that sound like fun? Pass that brandy over here. That's a brilliant idea! I know that mulled wine makes me three sheets to the wind in no time.

The Little Lady and Little Boom sound like the typical sibs enjoying the tree. LOL There were nine of us and I don't want to scare people away by writing those stories. Although, we do rehash them at family get-togethers.

masterfully ninja-esque moment pulled one of her norks out and stuck it in his mouth almost at the same time.

I have no idea how you make up the name of things, but, they make me guffaw out loud every time I read something like this. Thank you. LOL

Have a great day and I expect to hear the Sound of Silence coming from your room for a while.


Hehe, the names just spring out of nowhere!!!

You should defo try mulled wine with a shot of brandy in each glass. It's awesome!!! :0D

Tonight! I have the brandy sitting, patiently waiting, just like a good lad. I'm getting lightheaded, just thinking about it.

Oh, my God. What a cheap date.

Hehe, awesome. Cheap dates are the best, hehe!!


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  1. Finally. I guess I can quit now! ;0)

Oh noooo 😱


Ohh, that does sound fun...hmm, the liquor store is in walking distance, I'm not snowed in that badly lol!

A shot of brandy per glass of wine and you are laughing, it really works!!! :0D

Seems like you handled that situation well. Kudos to you sir, such a shining example of how to deal with ranting kids. 😂

I think I might win an audition to be bad Santa!! :0)

Yes, I think so too...Still, if you're going to be bad, might as well be good at it.

And then some!!!

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