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Hey guys, good day

Last week infact I don't know from how many days, my life has been rough, shattered and broken. Today I saw question by @ecotrain where you can share your story about your life and I guess this is the best time to write a post about it..I will be very open and honest with you guys..


You know I live in Ukraine, which is not my native country and everyday I have to face some new challenges but I never broke down. I sorted them out but this time something terrible happened in my life which I was not prepared. I left all work, was not present anywhere , stayed at home and broke down. I was frustrated, broken, devastated and still I don't know whether I am recovering or not. I am trying to back into my normal life and it's hard.

Past few days were rough, I don't know what to do, I lost someone who is very close to me infact my boyfriend, well he is not dead, he is not here with me. Is it breakup or something like that I don't know still, I just know he is not with me and I am finding everything hard. It's complicated and still in process ... I don't know what will happen next and it's reality of life...


Every type of challenges I sorted out till now but relationship is complicated and I don't have answer because it's hard to find some certain answers and solve some mistakes. I am confuse even lot's of things still now ongoing in my mind but I am writing from my side, I don't know from other side. Sometimes I feel like some challenges need time to solve , may be time will sorted out specially if that is the topic about relationship. Relationships are always complicated and hard to solve , personally I find it hard. Am I failure? I don't know because my mind is still foggy, questioning myself every time , guilt feeling for my mistakes so in one word I am entirely puzzled and confuse. I talked with my sister and with my best friend and their suggestion is take your time...

For me, right now it's challenging to come back into my daily normal life, not to fall into depression and so on. It's hard to define complicated situations and hard to solve. I am obviously fighting, fighting for myself, fighting for the relationship because there are lots of things that needs to be solved...Thanks to @ecotrain for this wonderful question and as a answer I have written my current challenge of my life...

I am @priyanarc..... An architect, a dreamer and a passionate writer who loves to write about life.I try to present my own perspective and experiences. Please leave your feedback and criticism because it's the only way i can know and reach your mind and thought easily...


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This is beautiful!
Both the landscape and the model girl, of course, can not pass that detail!
I wonder, is that pond where the swan is, is it natural or artificial? It is also magnificent, a very fresh and natural environment!
The landscape next to the trees has also caught my attention, I think I can also see some apartment-type homes, well, I think so!
What I am trying to say is that there is a lot of potential around you, at least the atmosphere is captivating. Try to find the answers you need to overcome emotionally and remember that all is not lost. Just smile, to life :), you will soon see that it is like a book, it has pages and chapters that you have to read and pass, and then become even more interested in the next chapter, while the rest, for better or for worse, just He left behind and you don't have to read it again ...
Regards, Bye!

Right now, you are hurting and words cannot take away the pain
But all who have walked the path of heartbreak and who have come out on the other side, will tell you that this too shall pass
What doesn't killbreak you, makes you stronger
I am glad you have your sister and best friend to talk to

Love brings you so much joy and sometimes pain... As old as time
And when hearts break they don't break even

Hugs @priyanarc
The pain will ease with time <33

Huge hug to u.. it must be so hard going through this .. especially in a strangr foreign country...
Sending love and rainbows your way xxx om

Thank you @eco-alex for your opinion... Ya it's hard, everyday is hard but I am not gonna give up right now.. Let's see what happens...

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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Thank you...

@priyanarc I wish you peace of mind during this challenging time, no one can really understand your struggle but we can offer love and support to let you know that you are not alone even when it feels like it. I will hold you in spirit it might not sound like much but it is something. Keep well and please take care of yourself. Thank you for sharing.

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I feel a lot of confusion in your words. There are several things he is dealing with at the same time and that decompensates him. You are a valuable woman, a warrior and you will overcome this crisis. This is a challenge that life offers you so that you learn a necessary lesson to advance your growth as a person. Rejoice, better times will come. I also made my story, I invite you to read it. A greeting and a hug, @priyanarc.

Hi, I love your art. You are good artist. I glad see you in my page. Thanks

Thank you @mohandes ..

Sending you LOVE @priyanarc - lovers, husbands and boyfriends come and sometimes they go. It's all a mirror and part of the lesson our Soul creates for us. Breathe. Release. If he comes back, be thankful. If he doesn't come back, be thankful. Take time. Do wonderful things for yourself today, tomorrow, everyday. You are enough - more than enough - without a partner. Breathe some more. Hugs from Thailand.

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Life is so strange and confusing at times... hang in there, sweetie, for you are a beautiful soul and one day the "right one" will appear... 🤗