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Here is the last episode came, to make our minds spin over a little more than an hour and a half, my main problem was throughout watching where I start reviewing the episode, there is a lot that happens as we progress in the events, there are theories proved valid and others diverged and third born with dozens of signs The question, and most of the threads were left indefinitely at many endings of semi-open events, was that until we got to the word end or, more correctly, after the word end, only here did I know where to start. If we always start the revisions from the beginning strings, let us this time start after the end strings.

Marvel: Punishment for those who leave the cinema before the screen is darkened!
William and Emily last episode Westworld
If you are leaving the cinema as soon as the spirited music spikes in the end scene to mark the end of the events, hurry to go out imagining that you are the most intelligent and will leave before the crowd, you pushed some companies and the most famous "Marvel", to put you the most important scene after the end of the same periods, or so-called After credits scene, in the footsteps of Marvel did HBO in this episode, where the most controversial scene came after the end of the episode. Unfortunately, this made more than 80% of my followers discover that they didn't see the scene.

So before we start if you don't pay attention to this and close the episode after it's finished, please come back again to see one of the most important scenes in the series so far. do you watch it? Are you surprised and lack of understanding ?, Welcome to the club, and let's start.

Four theories about "William" When you are convinced one convinced the other

  • The first theory: everything is a tradition There is no single truth here!
    William last episode Westworld
    This theory is so bloody that it tells us that we have lived through 10 episodes of a very elaborate trick. That Dolores hit at the top and hit his fingers, and that he went down the elevator but to a different area of ​​the forge, where all that happened was just part of William's simulation as Andorid, maybe William died in the attack that ended the first season, maybe afterwards But he died, and Android was made sometime for him and his consciousness dropped, and from his dialogue with Emily. Seems to be an attempt Oqlmth or passing a fidelity test has long distant time after the destruction of the very same park, and so we have lived within your Pulliam test erythematosus, which is in the distant future, where he lived a lengthy story about the events occurring after hostmask attack on guests.

In fact, the theory has its merits, but in my opinion is ridiculous and strikes all events, so the most ridiculous thing that happens in the work once you discover that you are in a dream and that the events were not real, in addition to the part of Dolores / Bernadette / Hill came to the fall of William elevator by more than two weeks, as is supposed where Consciousness? In my opinion it is the worst theory among them and the most excluded.

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