A wakeup call for all

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Having no time for each other
family members staring at their phones
chatting with strangers
but not a minute for those sitting near

The rush to make money
the lack of time to enjoy real life
what was the rush
standstill and a wake-up call

Life and love
look back
the past ten years was a rush
the technology was good but it ate away

The present situation is a wake-up call. Stop doing whatever you are doing and pause to think about what your priorities are.

Life is about enjoying every minute and appreciating what you have.

Listen to music, read the books on the shelf and take the phone to actually make a phone call instead of texting.

Watch those classic movies and learn to relax.

Sharing a music video and hope you like it.


Dedicated to my Tamil friends here who are always supportive
@bala41288 @sathyasankar @inuke and am sure @bobinson will understand Tamil and not to forget all my friends here who enjoy music irrespective of language barriers

I love the steem community

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This is a cool stirring
I'll take a look

Thanks dear :)

Great message! Applicable to so many; More and more people are more or less hunted by life without taking the time to really njoy it.

Thank you :)

நல்ல பாடல். ஆனா டெக்னாலஜி யூஸ் பண்ணாம இப்ப இருக்க முடியலயே!

நீங்கள் கூறியது சரி