Miss My Little Cutie Niece

in life •  6 months ago 


Today, my little cutie niece Ashley called me. She's been asking me how I am now. She asked me what I am doing. She asked me where did I go, what I eat. She asked me if I am with baby Nathaniel.

My niece Ashley has a lot of questions to me. Lols. She want every question to be answered. Hahaha. She's a little cutie girl so annoying. Lols. Just kidding.

She wants me to send her chocolates. I said to her that no chocolates here. She don't believe actually. Hahaha. She wants chocolates really! 😀😀😀

Soon when I get back home, I will give her chocolates. 😀 I miss my little cutie niece Ashley. 😀😀😀💖💖💖

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