Near-Success Syndrome: Lessons from this True Life Story

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This story you about to read is a realtime happening in Nigeria, particularly, at Bayelsa State, one of the leading oil states in rhe country.


Swearing-in Invite from swearing-in from Lyon and Diri

After all logistics had been set for the Swearing-in and Inauguration ceremony of Mr. David Lyon of the All Progressives Congress (APC) as Bayelsa State government following the result from the November 16 polls, his rival, Senator Duoye Diri of the People's Democratic Party and the running mate have been sworn-in instead.

This is what I call the "Near-Success Syndrome". Terrible it sounds in every irrespective of the valid reason behind the Nigerian Supreme Court's voiding of the victory of Mr. Lyon. The verdict of the supreme Court was pronounced barely 24 hours to the said swearing-in ceremony which is ongoing.

According to the verdict of the Supreme court, it was gathered that the running mate to the governor-elect, Degi-Eriemienyo, forged a certificate to secure clearance for the APC deputy governorship ticket.

Diri already on convoy for swearing-in

We understand the weight of the offence of document forgery which does not only apply in politics but in other sectors of the Nigerian economy. However, such abrupt termination of a "sighted" joyous celebration of the Lyons is terrifying.

The Supreme Court's verdict was delivered by Justice Ejembi Eko in a unanimous judgment of the apex court. This is already getting trails of mixed reactions from Nigerians.

Governor Diri taking salute as Commander of Security Officer in the State

Whatever be the case, I am not into the analysis of the politics, rather, pointing us to the lessons I learnt from this happening. No one knows where Lyon is at this time, but I feel pains, dissapointment, shock in his heart.

1. Success must not be assumed.

There are a lot of people who are good at making a forecast of the future. It applies to everywhere - business, investments and the likes. Whoever throws the weight of his believe upon a prediction would surely fail. Go for the truths and not facts. Predictions are mere facts.

2. Mind your Character when your breakthrough approaches

I could remember the sad experience I had in 2014 when I started making money in my business. A friend told me of a financial Investment that promised 100% ROI in 8 months. I was carried away by the testimonials of the friend's success in the business and decided to push in all the liquid cash I had in addition to a loan. The Investment was huge to the tune of over $2,000 then.

Before I could close my eyes and open, stories emerged and I lost everything, the investment and my expected gain. Worst of it, I lost my peace of mind, relationships and trust on people. This happened because I was emotional about my decision.

I was so greedy to be expecting so much returns over a little time even when I was less than two years in business. I learnt my lessons the hard way and wish no one gets there.

3. Mind your "Company"

Company here refers to a League of friends. Those close allys that win your trust so quick that you can handover very sensitive information and or resources to them. They could become a leakage which drains your energy from reaching your cannan land.

Let's remember the Bible story of Abraham and Lot and how the former was prevented from hearing God until the later departed.

While I'll stop here in the interim. May you take your time to give deep reflections on the above lessons anf perhaps pray for yourself.

It would have been better that there was no expectation than an expectation to be cutoff at the prime. Such incidences could lead to a shock that life and happiness may never be recovered.

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I reject near success syndrome, in Jesus Name.
Help me lord to be of good conduct when success comes lurking around.


Many lessons learned by all and sundry.

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Surely brother. May God help us.

One of the greatest poet of our time Alexandra Pope took a hint from a great Philosophist Socrates to write a piece called an Essay on Man.

In the Poem he quoted Socrates saying:
man know thyself,
the proper study of man is man himself.

I guess that the proper analysis of the Bayelsa saga can be understood by going through the poem at ones leisure. Nice piece boss.