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Wait upon the Lord brother
Never give up on Him sister
Every good thing would come
For in His time
He made all things beautiful.

Art thou not worth than the lilies?
Nor the fine apparels Solomon wore?
Birds of the air neither sow nor reap
Yet your Heavenly father cares for them.

Time I know is universal
And ticks for every man
Will not wait for no man
Now will it today respect the rich?
Nor be unfair or pity then the poor?

Wait upon the Lord my beloved
God has never repent on His words
He's not a man that He should fail
Nor the son of man to repent
If only He said it,
You can take it to the bank
He'll fulfill it.

Wait upon the Lord no mater what
For they that wait upon the Lord
Shall renew their strength
They shall mount up on wings like the eagle
They shall run and not faint
So the Holy Books said.


So beloved wait on Him
No matter how long it will take
It's worth the wait.

From the voice of truth

I'm @voclab

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