Short days, colourful skies

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I was met with this as I got off the bus at work this morning but these early starts on the homeland are hard to get used to.

The time was approximately 7:45am, a good hour and a half after my alarm went off, leaving me enough time to eat, shower, and get the bus which is about a 25 minute ride to the business park.

This is my first winter in the UK since 2014/15 and even though the sun rises a few minutes later 1500 km away (mostly due south) in Valencia (similar longitute to Mallorca), take a look at the sunset times. Almost 2 extra hours of daylight, meaning for those that are up at the crack of dawn get a good hour or so of good light when they leave the office after the day shift.

As well as that, I've had the luxury of not needing to be up at an particular time for a few years, and being able to 'work' at any time. This set schedule is leaving me nodding off on the settee after my evening meal, which is the only time of the day i have to myself to do things like chores, and Steem. I've already had a short nap with the laptop on my knee, but have forced myself to write a little today if only to detail my excuses for doing so little over the past couple of weeks.

The new job, apart from the early get-up, is already looking far more interesting than the last and there looks to be plenty of areas I can focus on to have an impact and feel useful. There do seem to be a lot of chiefs, or 'principles', 'directors', and 'managers', and I think the reason for this is that the company have in the past (and continue) to buy out small businesses, taking on the lead staff. I can see this being an issue as the company grows, but I'll wait a little longer before starting to push the 'too many chiefs, not enough Indians' line.

My boss, who I did think at the interview was a lot of talk and not much walk, is actually pretty sound and has a decent level of tech knowledge. He also took the team out for Go Karting, food, and drinks on Tuesday night and paid for the lot, which was a nice introduction for me. He asked how I was finding 'it' so far, and I replied something like 'less that two weeks in and Go Karting and free beer, pretty good thanks!'. The main work Christmas Do is a week tomorrow as well and that's laid-on by the company, and we also paid a little earlier in December so overall, I think I joined at a good time.

I'm sure there is plenty of work ahead but I'm much happier and see myself being of far more use for this place than the last. I think, as was the case at The University not long after the IT was centralized, there will be a fair amount of business analysis involved in the work as there are none of these at the company yet. Knowing what the business are looking for, and being able to document this and then buy/tweak/develop a suitable product is an important role, and perhaps I could make it my own as long as I don't get bogged down with support tasks.

It's been almost a month since I moved into the new flat and so far I've not had a single visitor. In fact, none of my friends know exactly where it is (might be the reason!) but that will change at the weekend when my daughter comes into town for the afternoon. Last week, a Steemian told me that I must buy at least some sort of Christmas decorations, and her visit could well be the motivation I need to do that - I don't want her to think I'm a lonely Scrooge, even though it's sort of the case this year. At least I'll see her over the Christmas period, the biggest bonus for returning to England, and if the company keep their word, she'll get something nice. On Sunday I'll be going to watch her swim again, and I'm hoping she's fully fit and wins a few races.

Apologies again for the lack of interaction on your posts, @misterengagement won't be happy. Hopefully this will change following the new year when the light returns.



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Short naps... Getting old!! ;0)

That's cool on the new job. It helps when it feels right and interesting and gokarts with beer. Awesome sauce!!!

Could be that - 41 next Tuesday DOHHH!

It’s been dark almost 4 hours already though, that’s just not right!

41...Old? Must make me ancient at almost 50 (March). Still, we're ok mate, still rockin' it! 😜

You, old? I am damn near 60! Don't get the wheelchair out yet. Walked all over Philadelphia yesterday and today. Crippled up? Yup, bet worth it.

Haha, yeah I make out I'm a dinosaur, but I'm a pretty rockin' one! I've got aches and pains, go kart racing and playing American football has left it's legacy on me, but I'm ok. I hope I make it to 60! 😂

You are doing well and I hope to emulate 😎

Cheers...I get by...The ladeez aren't very interested anymore though...I'm too old and decrepit it seems...But then I got the only one I want anyways. (My wife)...I mean this too. 😊 I'm a softy huh?

41!! Yeek, is gonna be all over soon! Lol

It's minging . I can take the cold (barely) but the lack of light is a killer!

Feels like it - but I, I have so much more to achieve, or something?!

Minging it is, the winter coat is helping but the dark/light balance is proper harsh. At least we aren't up in Eve/Taraz/Celestal land, brutal!

Yeah, I really don't candy living up there in evernight! They must all go a bit mad!

A big warm jacket does wonders when you are waiting for the bus!!

Which I’m doing at least 10 times a week, hud up and thinking thank god I bought this badboy!

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I live in South Central Pennsylvania here in the United States. It is getting cold, yet have not yet turned on the heat except in the bathroom. When it gets a bit chilly in my apartment, I just put on an heavy robe.

I am fortunate. I have an apartment on both sides of mine as well as an apartment underneath me. I just enjoy the ambient heat.

There is a method to my madness in leasing my current apartment! Let others pay those huge electric bills!

Clever thinking!! I stand at the curve of a road and get walloped by the wind and rain. All the ambient heat gets sucked out of my house!

Sounds like you are settling in great! From what I hear the Winters over there are nothing like what we get where I live. I'll be the guy posting ice and snow pictures all Winter long!

Slowly, yes.

That works, you bring the ice and snow and I’ll provide the sludge 😁

We had our coldest evening so far this winter last night, 5F which is about -15C. It was cold. Fortunately only a couple days in the low double digits and single digits before it gets back to a mix of rain and snow temperatures for our weekend. I am just glad I do not live in Siberia, they have been having some real cold weather, I am glad Siberia exist, I can always find at least one place that has worst weather and make where I live seem not so bad.

Here's to your little girl and her hopefully winning or placing well in her swim meet. Just think as you watch the race in a heated indoor swimming pool area you can imagine you are back in Spain or on a Beach in Valencia.

The cold isn’t getting to me as much as I though - the big winter coat is helping I guess. Dark in the morning and dark in the afternoon is bugging me way more, especially as I know of brighter places!

Thanks for the swim support, the nice thing about the leisure centre is that it is toasty in the pool area 😁

The lack of light is a big issue, in northern or southern climate areas. S.A.D. is a real thing, so people have to be aware of that. On the sunny days, outdoor breaks will help. It sucked going to work in the dark, and coming home from work in the dark. One thing that help me was the Ott-lites we got for doing winter crafting, the light spectrum they give out seemed to help. I am not sure if they are full spectrum lights or not, but they work and were not that expensive when we got them. So enjoy a few minutes of sunlight on those days you can.

SAD was my exit reason the first time I left, so far i'm getting by but we'll see in another month. The office faces the sun and although there's only 6 hours if the sky is clear, that could be the difference for me.

I tried the lights 5/6 years ago and they didn't really cut it, but at least I know if worst comes to the worst there are other options.

The lights don't work for everyone, and some lights are better than others, but when you look at the prices of special SAD lights, it's, yeah, it makes you even sadder. Hope the sunny office works/helps some.

😁 I wonder if you can hire them for just a few months?

Sounds good @abh12345 ...

"... there will be a fair amount of business analysis involved in the work ..."

... as that is what I was involved in at the end of my career. Given how challenging (in a good way) I found it, it left me wishing I had done that type of work my whole career. Oh, wait a minute. That type of work didn't even exist back then! 😉

Seriously, having the opportunity to attend the 2017 and 2018 international conferences, I believe it has a very bright future. I hope you find it similarly rewarding.

As for the "Chief to Indian ratio," that could well be a problem. I'm sure you'll figure it out ...


That type of work didn't even exist back then!

I'm not sure when 'then' was but i'd say 10-15 years ago was prior to the BA role, and with business interlinked so much with IT these days, I think these people can play an integral role.

I guess the too many Chiefs thing isn't directly my problem, and the business will hopefully figure it out - I can drop my 2 cents in though and see what happens.

Thanks for stopping by, have a good week :)

"Then" ... My post-graduate career began in 1978, ~ the year you were born @abh12345 ... 😏

You may find interest in checking into the International Institute of Business Analysis which was started in Canada in 2003. They have chapters all over the world now.

Their BABOK Guide is an impressive resource to have at your fingertips, as you get into this line of work. They also have a wealth of other resources, if you choose to explore it further ...


Can you pop by and make me feel younger more often Rob :)

2003, makes sense when I think about the University. I'll get this link sent to my work email to browse through tomorrow, thanks!

Haha @abh12345

”Can you pop by and make me feel younger more often …”

… that brought a big smile. If only it was as easy as writing a few words every now and then … 😊

If it helps (have to read all of what I say here … 😉) you in looking forward, I found passing the 30 yr. old “milepost” pretty painless, but … Turning 40? Wow, tough time in my life …

However, life goes on and our perspective on what “it is all about” deepens. Subsequently, crossing over being on the “wrong side” of 50 wasn’t really a problem at all. Ditto the “wrong side” of 60 …

Life is what we make of it. Just recently joking with family and friends about being in “the golden oldie club” now, I have begun to refer to my wife and I as “being in the infancy” of our old age. So, while I might not make to my pillow tonight, actuarially speaking, we could have another 25 – 30 years in front of us. We’ll make the most of it …

Good to “talk” with you. Until “next time,” take care! 👍


Strange how the numbers affect people differently. I struggled with 30 a lot but was much more accepting of 40. I hope by 50 and 60 that I won’t care at all, and then it’ll soon be time to ride the shopmobilty scooter around the supermarket 😁

Thanks again for the background reading and pep talk.

I could never get over the lomg dark of England. Earliest earliest earliest dark here is 5.15 and that's total midwinter. But your summers! Dark soooo late!!!! I wish we had daylight savings all year around here, I love the ectra light after work.

Your job aounds okay so far. Be lovely to have friends around.. might make your place feel more like home. Oh you definitely need fairy lights... I have them all year around. There's something infinitely cheery about them.


Yeah, and some countries have it even worse. I think I’ll re-evaluate again in a few years, it doesn’t make sense to live in so much darkness!

Yeah I think some lights will help, and I may go xmas neutral (not an illuminated snowman’ so they can be up all the time.

Cherish the sun 😁

I have Christmas neutral BEES!!! (of course I do...)

Bees could work, I’m going to see what’s on offer this evening 🐝🚥

Yeah, them winter UK early mornings will get ya! When I used to commute to warrington I'd be up and out about 7.30am... you do get to see some lovely sunrises though.

Nice to hear that this job seems a gooden, and that you're going to deck the flat with bows of holly ;-)

Have a great Christmas with your daughter Asher.

Still one day left to buy a beautiful tree with unicorn ornaments for Christmas as a present to a princess

Yes I will sort something like this tomorrow 😁

Oh you have colors even. Here it's just grey.

When are the lights from the north due? I presume you get a reasonable view?

Not sure what you mean.

Grey is popular here too!

On the other thread I was talking about the Northern Lights - do you get a good view of those?

On the other thread I was talking about the Northern Lights - do you get a good view of those?

Ah, not so in the south where I'm living, but in the north there's a better chance to catch them.

good luck with your new job.

Thank you 😁

Ugh, I relate...
working full time
no time for steemit
sunset at 4pm
at least I get go to Thailand for the next 2 months
and do all that in 30 degrees...

Back again to the land of smiles 😁 have you got work there or working remotely?

Remote work, luckily. From anywhwere :)

I need this!

I know, who doesn't :D

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That's very impressive. I hope you have a great day at work. Happy Friday Abh.

@abh12345, In my opinion when we work with people who know the meaning of Celebration, in a way working environment and bonding became unbreakable. Stay blessed brother.

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That was a breathtaking, colorful sunrise you had to kick off your day! Guessing your work hours are making you miss out on seeing the sunsets. Here's something to look forward to. Once we get past the winter solstice on December 21 we gain just over a minute of daylight each day. Only two more weeks to go!🗓

Sounds as though there's a lot of emphasis on team building at your new job and some nice perks as well.👍

How old is your daughter and what's her best stroke? I remember how psyched my son would be before meets, and shaving even a second off his personal best times was reason for celebration! Now I have the sound of the swim meet starter horn stuck in my head! Best of luck to her at the swim meet!📣🏊‍♂️🏊‍♀️📣

I give you permission to NOT buy any Xmas decorations!

I certainly won't be.

I've been in Hereford for 14 months now and still haven't had a visitor.

Oh, even though I am three days late for the party, it is still hilarious to scroll through the comments.

I'm sure you know that age is only a number. I haven't remembered how old I was since I was 18. That was the important one. The rest? Not so much. I can vote and drink and ride a GoKart. I'm good.

The dark.That is why I volunteer for all the TDY (temporary duty assignments) or seminars in warm places in the winter. I'll be in South America in February. The warm part. :)

I'll blow some heat on your sludge and make it proper muck.

The job sounds like a good fit. Get those decorations up. Girls like twinkling lights. Especially in their bedroom.


Seems like it's all fairly promising so far. I like the GoKarting part - Love me some GoKarting! It's good to do team stuff...I do so with my team a lot, not company-sanctioned, just us getting together outside of work and connecting a little.

Your move back to the UK to be closer to your daughter is sufficient although a Christmas tree and some decorations would be a nice touch; Certainly will make you seem less Scroogy. Seriously though, I doubt she'd care and is more interested in having you around.

Hopefully Sunday-swimming deploys as hoped, with wins!

Have a great weekend.

Thanks Galen 😁

Yeah I think I’d like to do more Karting, I knocked 2 seconds off my best lap during the second innings and so I think there’s room for improvement again.

Hopefully some lights are going up today, the more welcoming I can make the place the greater the chance she’ll show up again.

Have a good weekend, I’m guessing the sun has arrived in style for you guys.

I'm sure she'll show up regardless. Yeah, gonna be 38C on Sunday. Damn it!

Steem go kart challenge? Gotta happen!

That more like my kind of temperature!

Go Karting or beach volleyball would suit me, I wonder if Oz is on the Steem Fest 5 shortlist 😎

It would be good to have it here but...I think it's a long way to ge[ here and so that may preclude it? Would be cool though.

Ok, so a two-stage challenge...karting plus volleyball...If a draw we settle it over who made the most comments on steem. 😁