Kids can be a lot of things ~ What is the worst thing or trick a child has ever pulled on you?

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Yeah, I know kids are amazing, precious, sweet, cute and innocent....or at least that is how they should be lol. But guys, I tell you some kids can be naughty and very mischievous, so much that you would be left with your mouth wide open....hehehe. Why do I say so.....

Flashback to few days ago.....

So some few days back, I went to the bank to get some things done. On getting there, I was asked to wait for a document to be I waited, I looked around to see if there was any empty seats but unfortunately the seats were occupied so I had to stand.

Well on the other side, there was this little girl with her had also standing waiting to be attended to....after some time her dad left her to go talk to someone. As I stood there waiting for someone to stand up from the seat so I could go seat, I never knew this little girl was waiting for the same thing.

Not too long luckily someone stood up, you need to see how relieved I was, then I began walking majestically to the seat. The next thing I knew was the little girl ran pass me and just went to sit down on my "hard waited" seat...can you imagine that. I felt so arrrggg, I swallowed whatever I was feeling went to meet her and told to let me sit so I could carry her on my laps....this little girl said no...🤤

I bugged her for a little bit then she started the child "trick"...she started crying. Immediately, she opened her mouth and started crying, everyone's face turned looking at us....well at me I wanted to do something to the child, with those piercing eyes looking at me...I just went back, accepted my fate and continued standing.

After a while, I turned to look at the girl and she pulled her tongue out to me like....😛 Seriously, I wanted to go and pull that tongue out hehehe...but I just had to accept that I got defeated by a child....

Image from: Bitmoji

Hahahaha!!! I think I just had to console myself that she is just a did made me feel bettter lol.

Kids lights up our world and makes the home feel lively. When they are at home disturbing the peace of the house by playing and scattering the house, you just want a break....but when you get separated from them for a while you miss them.

What is the worst thing or trick a child as ever pulled on you?

That's it guys, thanks for reading....have a lovely week ahead.

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That's very funny, you maid me laugh, she knew what she was making ;)
Children are so intelligent... I prefer when they giving me hugs and tell how they love me ahah.

  ·  2 months ago (edited)

Lol...yeah naughty one there but they are lovely. Thanks for your comment. 😃