Mirror! Mirror On the Wall....Tell Me What You See?

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"Look in the mirror, what do you see"?
I moved closer to the mirror facing it I said...
"I see myself"
"Look closely, look again" he said with more determination..."now what do you see"?
Now I could it see clearly,
"I see my failures,
I see my shortcomings,
my mistakes...I see my past, my weakness and my fears"

He then took me away from the mirror and said to me, "think about how far you have come, how much you have learnt, how much you have grown, how persistent and patient you have been....now look in the mirror and tell me what you see".

Image by mohamed_hassan at pixabay.com

At that moment, memories began flooding through my head....now facing the mirror, I looked at me and I saw a girl who defiled thoughts of people who once looked down on her, I saw a girl who has made mistakes but has been able to make right most of her wrongs, I saw a girl who has grown from being dependent on people to being independent....I also saw a girl who has been able to make the right choices in the midst of societal and peer pressure....

As tears welled up my eyes, looking in the mirror I replied...

"I see a beautiful young lady, filled with strength from the inside who is ready to let her fears fuel her determination, face her past mistakes by making better decisions....whose dreams are going to blossom like a flower".

Looking at him through the mirror, he nodded and smiled like a father whose daughter has made him proud.

Going through a hard time lately? You feel your life is at a point where you can't even motivate your self....the mirror therapy has it's own magic. Why not...

  • Take a look at your self in a mirror.
  • First, think back to what you have been through and how you are still standing.
  • It's okay to cry, laugh or scream if you want.
  • Think about all the good things that has come your way and things you did that you are proud of.
  • Now close your eyes and take a moment to breathe.
  • Allow only positive thoughts run through as you open your eyes, motivate yourself by telling your self positive things like...."I can do it, I can do better, I am going to succeed in my goals, I am going to hit my target, it may not be easy but I would get there".

You may think...it is easier said than done but it is definitely not impossible, because when you set your mind to something with all positive energy the sky would only be a starting point.

Sometimes when I feel like nothing is working out as I want, like am not moving fast as I want to....making matters worse I see friends who I grew up with doing better than I am which makes me wonder, what the hell have been doing with my life. Have I been playing around? Did I press a pause button somewhere in my life that I forgot to press play?

But then, each time I look at the mirror and have this talk with myself, reminding myself that I am my own competition....it is not about the first to get to the top but it is that I get to the top too. We may not all get there the same time but surely with persistent, patience and your goal in mind then success is sure.

I am my own competition, I may not be there yet but am not where I use to be...tell yourself that.

Have a blissful week ahead!!!

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We are all absolutely our own competition, our own most severe critics, and we are the people who are hardest on ourselves.

I personally try, every day, to look back at the day and see how I might have improved it and how I can do better tomorrow. It can be difficult sometime, especially if we need to approach our own shortcomings, but we will be better people for it.

Absolutely @wwwiebe and yes it can be difficult at times but with continuous effort we are set to do better. Thanks for your comment...do have a lovely day!! 😃

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Beautimous self-reflection - literally and figuratively!

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Thank you @enginewitty.

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Wow... I love this so much sweety 🥰 and its scary how much I can relate to this... What I see in the Mirror... When I wish to look away 🙈
Love your inspiering way of turning it around and see things from a different way.
I know I come a long way and have grown alot, still Im a working progress but every Day is a Day forward 🤗 you are Amazing my sweet Gal.
Much love to You 🥰❤️❤️❤️🥰

Thank you sweet Saffi 😘 we just need to keep reminding ourselves of what we want to be or what we aspire to be...not focusing on the failures but the success that way we are motivated to want to be a better person. Even if it isn't so easy, we should be reminded that "no one can motivate you better than you can motivate yourself".

Thanks for stopping by sweets...🤗😘😘

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what a wonderful writing you have there bliss.. Mirror sometimes can be fearsome because it tell's me who I really am..

You got it right @mrnightmare ....you can't hide from the truth when facing the mirror. Thanks for stopping by. 😃

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