My knight in "perfect" shinning armor

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As I lay on my bed fading into my world of fantasy different thoughts begin running through my head...

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"When would my knight in shinning armor come sweep me off my feet"?

"I think I need to change my name to Cinderella to get a charming prince"..."Maybe I need a fairy godmother to cast a spell of love for me"...

But then...thinking about it now...maybe my list of what I want in a man is a bit too much? But they are only...

  • He must be handsome.
  • He must be a romantic and naughty lover.
  • A tall cutie with an average muscle size.
  • He has to be neat.
  • He should have a cute smile and be social.
  • He should be able to pamper me like a baby..yeah.
  • He should be ambitious but not to the extreme.
  • He has to be good in "beddy activities" .
  • He should be understanding and supportive.
  • He should know how to cook.
  • He must not be a mama's boy.
  • He has to be matured when handling issues between us.

So guys is this too much?...hehehehe 😂😂

Okay really, cut back to reality now...the truth is there is no perfect man or lady!! Most times we put up list expecting someone to just fit in and when they don't we just let them go without even giving them a chance to proof themselves and show you that they might actually be the one for you.

Funny enough the list ends up getting torn following the frustration of not meeting someone that meets up to your list of expectations....which most times it is already too late and you are now left to settle with anyone you find.

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I think I read somewhere that "Love is not about finding the perfect person but finding the imperfect person and making him or her perfect for you"....I know it is easier said than done...but it is the truth.

Okay, that's it I am going to go find my knight in "perfect" shinning armor hehehe....but I think my list is longer than that lol....I do not just use it. 😉

Thanks for reading guys...have a wonderful day!!

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There isn't anyone who is going to meet everything on your list; except, perhaps, if your list is much more simple:

  • alive
  • breathing

And then, if the person doesn't meet that criteria, there's certainly an issue!

Lol...yeah right!!