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You ever wonder what else is there, I mean out in the world how a single action can take effect somewhere thousands of miles away from you. Now think about this for a second, can you picture yourself in an island say Barbados and just picture your self out of your comfort zone out of what you know is to be true in your life.

You are on an island with laws and what makes a society, can you imagine social media has made a connection to every single part of our Earth? You don't have to live in that island you just thought about, you can experience by other peoples eyes and voice. Youtube and instagram is a perfect example of connecting millions of people into one specific location.

Blockchain social media is just that the attraction of what we all want in a world a life. We all want to feel good we all want to feel wanted.

Now the reason I bring this rant up and it might not even make sense, but just listen to me. Be yourself experience your self don't let others direct you in the opposite way, be who you want to be.
Express yourself just as I am do so at this very moment.

Now that we have Steemit,Weedcash,Whaleshares,Smoke and many many others we can all connect and create our own communities just how we like. There is no need to wonder about a place person or even thing.
But of course you would still like to experience it first hand.

Comes to my second point Cannabis and what it is doing to the world, we all know it is a natural medicine made by Mother Earth. Have you tried it just the simple Flower the OG of THC power house, just like we have many social media outlets we now have many consumable products of Cannabis. Take a look at some videos of one of my favorites review dudes of cannabis and mainly carts.

Just as I said you can experience everything with a click of a button. Now imagine yourself in that same Island high as shit and just being so creative! Let your thoughts follow them selfs let them linger and marinate and let your self go and experience it your self.

Chronocrypto out and I hope you like this eye opener or at least for me or it is just rubbish.
Check out Some tunes for your Friday High sesh.

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Hi @chronocrypto,
Good article.
Health and happiness to our community.