Using Zoom Cloud Meetings in Sign Language


Since we are on a lockdown, we are unable to meet people we used to be with. As we are volunteering in teaching im deaf community, we cannot go out to visit and teach them. Thank God there's Zoom Cloud Meetings which we are able to use in times of Covid19 pandemic.

We might not be able to meet up in our meetings in Dagupan City, we use Zoom for meetings. Teaching deaf people using the Messenger video chat is difficult because it's too blurred. Besides, it's lagging too. But Zoom is more efficient, easy to use, and videos are clearer.

We also use in connecting with my family, who are just nearby, but cannot visit them because of the lockdown. We also have family members from overseas who join in.

Our account in sign language was upgraded to advanced. However, it was too late when Zoom has removed the 40-minute limit for meetings during the pandemic.

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