I am confuse || Steem Blockchain or SteemTron Blockchain !!!

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Hello everyone, Hope you are having a wonderful day ...

I was no planning to write this type of post but I am writing now because I am confused and I know right now many steemians are also confused about the current and sudden decision of steemit. Well, I am just a content creator and my opinion doesn't matter at all.

I am just sharing things that are making me confused.


After last HF21/ HF22, it took a long time for me to understand the new steem. When sudden changes happen on the blockchain, I become confused always and try to find my answer.

Today, when I saw a tweet from NED (CEO), I became confused that what's going on. He mentioned that he sold steemit to Justinsuntron. Well, kind of shocking news for everyone as well as for me, because instantly that time one thing came into my mind what is going to happen with steem.

I am not going to give an exact opinion or anything because I feel I shouldn't share something which I don't have a proper idea.


I am confused about steem power if steem blockchain is moving to Tron blockchain then what will happen with the steem power?? What is the "swap token" means?? Still confusing and shady. Ya, Tron has a large community but steem communities are strong. What will happen with the tribes and tokens and all the project which are steem blockchain-based?? What will happen with SBD and Liquid Steem??

I am trying to find my answers and trying to be clear about what will happen next. Blockchain is a complicated thing I know and I don't know anything...All I can do is hope for the best.

I think we will get all of our answers tomorrow and many things will be cleared after AMA...



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I am feeling the same I had heard rumors of Tron thinking of buying Steem or merging with Steem, but now its real and I to have no idea what the long term implications will be but i know it is interesting and hopefully good times ahead

Yes, I am just waiting to see how everything comes out because those who are here from the beginning, obviously they deserve something good. Let's see what will happen tomorrow.

I hope we will get good value for what we have built up :)

I hope so because it took time to build myself here. And I guess everyone gave a lot of time here... So everyone deserves a good opportunity.

Yes indeed many of us have put so much time into building up on here and would hate to loose that

I just did a video on my thoughts. I was not a huge fan of Ned, but on Twitter, Justin doesnt seem to have many fans. I hope it goes well for Dtube. I am sure it will take some while for it all to sort out. Lets hope for the best :)

Ya I am watching it, you have mentioned some strong points and questions as well. Lets see.

Thanks for sharing your experience with us!

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