The City That Makes Me Happy || Comparing Dhaka & Kharkov City

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Hello everyone, Happy Monday ...

I think architects have a different way to observe a city because when we start and dedicate our life to architecture, we grow in a different environments. Our perception, observation is totally different from a normal person and I have noticed that. When a normal person enjoys the weather, we observe the entire surroundings, people including the weather. Our mindset is different and we often face problems because of that. Society thinks we are unsocial, arrogant because we try to give our opinion and people think we are trying to impose and force something to make them believe.



Kharkiv city is not modern at all, in fact, it represents soviet period architecture and wherever you go in Kharkiv, you will enjoy the flavor of the Soviet Period. Also, you will find similarities with Byzantine Architecture and European Architecture. Of course, European architecture is rich and famous and you will be able to explore ancient, postmodern and modern architecture all at once.



I was born in Dhaka, the capital city of Bangladesh which is totally different from Kharkiv city. Not only from culture but also it is different from architecture and urbanism. Well, I can understand the environment and weather plays an important role in building architecture. But Dhaka is one of the densest cities in the whole world.



Most of the buildings in Dhaka are post slab and post lintel structure, nowadays we are also focusing on steel structure. But in Kharkiv, most structures are post-lintel and brick structure, some of them are steel structure with insulation. Here architecture is totally different due to weather, environmental considerations.


Kharkiv has a lot of parks and playgrounds because people love walking here. Well, when I was in Dhaka, I rarely went into the parks because we don't have adequate amounts of parks and playgrounds. Now Dhaka city is changing and urban planners are focusing on the renovation of existing parks and playgrounds.




I think every city needs an adequate amount of parks and playgrounds and should be included in urban planning. One thing I love most about Kharkiv is no traffic, calm and quiet city because of the population. The city is big than the population. You will find all kinds of transport facilities here. And here Parks are really beautiful and you will enjoy walking here.




Obviously there is a huge cultural difference between Kharkiv and Dhaka. But Kharkiv is a more planned city than Dhaka. Dhaka is a more chaotic, unplanned transport and traffic system and I have always said Dhaka city needs proper urban planning. Yes, Dhaka city has flyovers but still, the traffic system is worst and pathways, let's not talk about that because they are used for temporary stores, a way for bikers. Sorry to say, but as a planner, we tried to solve this issue and still we are working on that. Obviously, Dhaka city is an overpopulated city and that's why it's hard to solve this issue.


You will see pigeons here and there in Kharkiv, but in Dhaka, you will hardly find a bird except for crow. But obviously, Dhaka city is developing and some parks are well developed. The government of Bangladesh is taking steps and renovating the entire city as well as highrises. Well, I think after 10 years I will be able to see new Dhaka if I will be alive till then.


But both city is different from one another, the reasons are many. Dhaka city is famous for its culture and food, people are friendly and welcoming. Well, I love my city and Kharkiv makes me happy... The diplomatic answer isn't it!!!!



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That was a nice read. City planning is a must and our city Kochi is also not at all planned. One rain and the whole place floods. Great pictures.

Posted via | The City of Neoxian

I wish I have some of my own captures of Dhaka city so that I could make a strong comparison. Anyways thanks, I might continue this comparison series. Thanks for stopping by @sayee

welcome dear :) HAve a nice day

For sure parks are important. Cities should be large enough so the people dont live like caged rats so close together!

Expansion is needed when city spaces are not available but obviously there are few considerations and proper planning needed.. But it's a hard job for the urban planners to work with dense cities. @old-guy-photos