Hope and Life

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What is Hope?? Do you ever think about it??...
Why are you hopeless or when you are in full make hope on yourself. The point is the fact and the fact is world. Yes, On hope the world is stands on. Without hope the world is nothing.


Have you ever seen a bad dream??

Yes, Have you ever seen a bad dream?? Basically What is dream?? It's not what you watch in sleeping but dream is that you want to fulfilled in life and for which you can't sleep over night.
So, on that point my question was Have you ever seen any bad dream?? No.....
Yes, It's true that consciously or unconsciously man never watched any bad dreams. Everyone in this world want to be successful in their whole life. It is the way so that the whole nation of the human being are been lived on dreams.

Hope is the mirror of Good dreams.

If you guys already have enough knowledge about dreams abd you can classifie the good dreams and bad dreams than you must understand that what is hope?.
Basically Hope is the power of mind. It's another face of good dream.Wirh hope man can earn courage for their mind so that they may earn mental preparation for their future work.
The success of life mainly depands on your hope, cause your Hope will earn courage for your work. So, Today my blog is about the hope and the effects of hope in your life, Because I know how much effective the hope is on a life.Without hope man's turn into a death one. It is the problem and We have to overcome from it. We have to be prepared for every moments and just to work on our space. We need not to be hopeless anytime. Without the hope we will never be succeed in our life.
Various time we may act like a hopeless person, this is the time to overcome this fact.

Just remember one thing that hope is life. without the hope life is impossible. Don't lose your hope ever. Try again and again. You will be failed but don't lose hope. By trying various time you will prosper in life and you will be success.


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Always try to be happy.Enjoy your time.

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The concept of 'hope' intrigues me. Do you know the old Greek myth about Pandora and her jar?

The question we ask ourselves — is hope the antidote to the evils of the world, or is it also something which ferments evil? I personally believe the former.

I like your idea that the hope we have in our hearts has somehow been formulated in our dreaming. It's like our Unconscious Mind (our true nature) is trying to send signals to our Conscious Mind about how to think/feel/act in certain situations. This has been a wonderful idea to contemplate this morning, so thank-you!!

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