Advertisement and our mindset.

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Advertisement affects directly on our lifestyle. Yeah, it's not a passive thing anymore. If you go on the street, even on the country road; you will at least see a advertising bill board. And this is affecting our mindset, way of living, culture and everything. No one is actually out of this circle.

I am taking about the value system of our society which directly affects by advertisement. We are all consumer in this marketing world. Just look at your social media feed or even a private mail. Nothing is out of advertisement. Or look at our clothing, our way of living, our food everything is carrying the effects of advertisement.

So the biggest question is, "should we make ourselves the slave of advertisement?" I am not what others are thinking. But for me, it's okay to accept for a certain level. But as we can clearly see the harmful growing effects of advertisement, so there is no way we should continue that. If we fail to take control over us we are gonna face value problem vastly in future.

You can see companies and brands are expending millions of dollars to hire celebrates to promote their product. Do you know from where they compensate all the money? Yes, from us. We are the one making them famous and increasing those product prices passively. All this ads are forcing us towards impulsive Buying. We are going towards materialist implications. All we want in our life is some fancy product to show off.

And another great concern is making erotic, unrealistic body/human images through ads. So we are becoming more frustrated and uncomfortable with our body. This is actually have a great impact on the young generation. We all want to be perfect, show ourselves as a perfect person in front of the world. Which we are not And that is when our mental conflict starts. We became disrespectful to our own self and try to find happiness in all those materialistic products.

But all I am talking about bad advertisement. Like which makes us consumer almost forcefully, try to wash our brain and all. There are also good advertisement also. Like HIV awareness, child abuse or social responsibilities and many more. It's really impossible to get out from the effects of ads in this marketing world. But we surely can reduce the effect. And it will lead us to live a peaceful life, I hope!

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