Wednesday Walk, with Crappy Camera and Boy

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I was able to get out at lunch today to go for a short walk around the neighbourhood. I took my youngest son with me. We have a creek that meanders lazily through the park that's always fun to go to.

It was hot so we didn't go too far, but it was enough to be able to pair up a #WednesdayWalk, hosted by @tattoodjay, with some #crappycameraphotos, which I am probably the only one who engages in (because I proudly own two crappy cameras).

Here's a picture of the creek, taken from ground level, with my phone. It is definitely a creek. When the water is really high there are parts close to 10 feet deep up around the bend. I remember my oldest son used to jump into it.


Here is the same creek, from the same angle, taken with my 1 megapixel 'crappy camera'. @papilloncharity had suggested I show both the original and edited versions of the pictures, so here they are, in that order.



Here is the park that leads up to the creek. I don't come to the park much anymore, but I used to with my older children and, occasionally, my dog. The dog used to love going up and down the slide.


Here's another view of the creek. I would have ventured farther up, but my son was anxious to get back home.


Speaking of the young man, I had the opportunity to use a crappy camera to take a picture of him taking a picture with another crappy camera.





And then we made it alllll the way home to have a victorious feast of compressed chicken nuggets. Mmm, mmm good.

(c) All images and photographs, unless otherwise specified, are created and owned by me.
(c) Victor Wiebe

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You're not the only one who's the proud owner of crappy cameras... 😂 Mine date from ten years ago and is still a 10mp Canon 1000d... There is not funds in the budget for a new one soon so I keep using it for now. 😏 Nice post by the way crappy camera, boy and all. 😁

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Thanks! The two camera's I've been using lately have a 1megapixel and 0.4 megapixel (Yep, 0.4) sensor. My kids think I'm crazy. :)

Are you in India now??

Wow... OK.. You take the medal for oldest crappies cameras.. 😂 Thats older than mine. No. Not yet. We're flying out. In the morning. 😊

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I just scrolled through your page... started laughing at all the titles of crappy photos and camera! GREAT sense of humor! And you have got some great pictures too!

Thanks so much! I've been wanting to do the "crappy camera" series for some time, but only recently really got the camera's I wanted for it. I'm glad you like it! I'm having a great time with it, too.

lol! A victorious feast...I think those are pretty decent photos sir wwwiebe!

Thank you very much! This has really been a fun project to work on.

Thank you very much!
This has really been a fun
Project to work on.

                 - wwwiebe

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Fun posts for us to sir wwwiebe!

What a beautiful spot to spend time at... especially for the kiddles!!! Those of us that live near to such beauty are truly blessed!

It really is a nice place. The creek leads up to a school and a foot bridge that my last dog absolutely refused to cross. I had to pick her up and carry her. Silly creature. Maybe next week I'll venture farther up and get some photos of it.

Thanks for stopping by and the resteem!

hahaha sweet. Our little pup is also very weary of certain things lol!

I would love to see what the rest of the place looks like :)

A tall hairy biped steps out from the bramble, looks at you from across the creek, grunts, turns and then disappears back into the undergrowth. Rats, should of had a better camera on hand.

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Hahahaha! But they only show up when you have a shitty camera, or no camera at all!, on hand!

I was originally thinking of an epic UFO landing but went for Big Foot first. I'll save the Aliens for your next crappy camera shot.

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The photos looks just fine and beautiful @wwwiebe. It's not a photography contest anyway... Hehe

Thank you very much @roselifecoach! I know, no contest, I'm just looking to push myself and get better. :)

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Crappy photos or not, still looks like a good place to get some nature therapy! Though I think I'm more over the "crappy" hot weather myself, haha. Can't wait until the cooler weather starts making it much more enjoyable to get outside again!

I know, right? I was dressed to go for a lunch ride before deciding it was too hot and that I should stay and play Mario Tennis with the boys on the Switch instead. At least I was playing tennis, right...? :)

That looks like a nice place. We don't have any river or natural water source nearby. Looks good to have a walk.

It's a nice place to hang out, definitely. Very relaxing.

Awww... lovely creek... (crappy camera or not!) :)
Rocks in water, makes for lovely pictures... and water sounds too, I bet!

Oh absolutely! I love listening to creek water burbling over the rocks. I have some audio of it I need to find a good way to share, too.

Bubbling water sound is most relaxing... :)

It is! I have a few recordings of it, just for the audio, that I really ought to share.

I like to be there right now! How beautiful and peaceful!

It is! I've even taught several of my children how to skip rocks there.

thats nice

See? I stand by my earlier assertion that it matters more who is behind the camera, than the quality of the camera itself. Hmm, maybe a crappy camera contest is in order - who can take the crappiest shot with the crappiest camera, then edit it to perfection (as you did with the creek shot, and the b&w of your boy)...

Regardless, awesome walk and thanks for sharing it! 😊

Thanks for the kind words! I actually have been thinking of looking into formalising 'crappy camera photos'. I may have found a niche! And yes, it's crappy. :)

Lovely Wednesday walk along the creek. Your #crappycamera photos both came out great in the edited versions. I really like the B&W of your son!

Thank you! I'm having great fun with the camera; it's quickly becoming my favourite!

Your dog used the slide!? That's incredible.
I love the black and white version. Maybe I'll start trying to use that too.
How many kids do you have? Sounds like a lot.

Yeah, she used to love going to the park; now she's just lazy.

I have four! A small village. My daughter is 22, just graduated college, and is looking for a job. My three boys are 17, 13, and 10.

Nice! Lots of love I am sure.
I have three "kids" all adults now, and one lazy dog. He used to go for very long walks with me, now I'm lucky if he leaves the front yard.

Oh there is certainly a lot of love. Frustration, emotions, and struggles, but definitely lots of love.

Ah! That's what I wanted to see and it's your editing that makes the day.
Amazing how photographic development has evolved from a dark room to merely a touch of buttons nowadays.
Thank you for showing me the differences my friend!

Thanks for the kind words! Photography really has made incredible technological progression. I have two nice film cameras at home but don't want to be bothered with getting the film developed!

Ha! Marian's uncle died a while ago and he left three old lenses in excellent condition for me to add to my collection.
Maybe you should look at having the film developed, as there might be some great stuff on there!

I like the place where you walked, I like the little river and I like the photos and the different variants in which you show them.

Thank you! It is always fun to go down there, especially with the kids.

Yes, it looks like a perfect place for children.

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Looks like a lovely spot to get away from it all even in the heat,, I like the idea of the crappy camera tag, I do have some in a box upstairs that may fit that category so I may have to break it out sometime

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)

Thanks! It was good to get out today; been stuck on webexes for far too long!

I'd love to see some crappy camera photos! I'm thinking of "officialising" it somehow for any digital camera with 2 or fewer megapixels. I think it'd be neat to see what other people come up with.

Thanks for stopping by!


I can relate I had a period where my days were full with webexs or video conferencing luckily not so much now

You should get the tag out there it would be cool to see

Have a great day

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Looked like a nice, mellow day.