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Hello Sports, long time no see you around. As always it's a great pleasure to me to serve in this enterprise! Today's review it's going to be a quick one yet a sure thing kind-like-sorta one so let's skip the nonsense and get straigth to what we want, amirite?

LOL Hunt https://lol.hunt.town is a website that provides a daily chart with the best of the best funny videos "video hunters" catch and share on the platform. Once one shares a video, the public decides via upvotes, which ones are the funniest so the more upvotes the higher you get in the ranks. Quite easy, isn't it?

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The site https://lol.hunt.town is easy to use and navigate. All you got to do is watch the videos of your preference and upvote them if you like them.

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Users can share videos as well, and if they're funny enough, I'm pretty sure you can make it to the top and earn crypto while doing so!

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In order to hop in on this bandwagon, you need a Blockstack id. By doing this your data becomes 100% secured and safe by the stacks' blockchain.

Overall LOL Hunt https://lol.hunt.town is a cool option to monetize the content we see and share on daily basis. Highly innovative in my opinion for time is the greatest of assets and it's always good to see one's rewarded.

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