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Dear Zac,

I’m happy to say that you are almost five months old now. Soon, in about four months you will be born, and your Mom and I will see you for the first time, in person, and that is when your Mom and I will be able to see you laughing and smiling for the first time too.

I’m excited to talk to you, spend time with you, hug you and tell you all the good things I have in my heart, mind and soul.

Be healthy, be strong and grow into a complete, healthy baby boy. Your Mom and I will wait for you and welcome you into this world with open arms. The world is waiting for you too, just like it waited for your Mom and I when we were in our mother’s tummy.

I love you.

  • Daddy

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~ @chrisrice

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You have a really beautiful family, God bless you all

Thank you @joelsegovia 🙂🖐️