We Battle for Defeat or Victory - Either Matters

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Reading a couple of books of the Old Testament in the famous book called the Bible, the word BATTLE is repeatedly seen in the pages.

As I read through, I marveled how each battle came to pass. Well, they are not merely historical records, myths, nor legends viewed by men. Standing on my own worldview; coupled with ample archaeological and scientific facts and explanations, I am dumbfounded. Yes, it is not totally revealed to man the significance of each written page, but it is indeed recorded for its significance. I am not a scholar of the book, but I am certain in my spirit that there must be hidden treasures in every page it offers (Take it or ignore it? You choose.). Suddenly I remember my dad. He is a gold miner – their group go underground to seek for treasure – They’re searching for gold. How easy - peasy it would be if we could just pick up gold on the ground. But it will never happen that way. What am I trying to say is that a treasure is deeply dug – it just entails the truth that it is undoubtedly a treasure. When my mom visited my dad in his workplace, she couldn’t help but to say, “What is gold that we put our lives at stake?” There, the treasure means a lot, I would say.

Now, if this is our common ground, then we can go further.

Earlier, I have started to talk about the battles that happened in the Old Testament. So, I would like to say that every battle encountered is significant. There were battles the people of God have won, and there were times when they were flatly defeated. I am not going to tell you the battles in detail and how they won or lost. You read it yourself to dig for the treasure – worth our time and focus.

During those times, they tried to fight their adversaries with their collective wit and might. However, most of the battles were not in fact won because of their skills or mulled tactics. Some of them were even out of this world battle plans. One thing that I am certain is that they were called to be in the battle field to be in awe of the God who was before them. Those were the unimaginable battles fought. Mind blowing (read with clear lenses.)! They witnessed that it’s not their number that matters, nor their strength but WHO their God is. What about you, who do you anchor your faith in?

I bet you can’t agree more that we too have our fair share of battles. We are not literally fully armored, but we still have to be armored in a different sense. Now, what’s your battle or battles? The people of God have witnessed before their eyes that each battle was won not on their own. They learned to rely on God. Is it that easy to rely on God? Let me ask you a question to resolve the question. What is more tragic than to keep your pride, battle in your own ways, be exhausted and hopeless, and the result is but a waste of all the things that you have been trying to prove yourself?

In the battles the people of God have fought, they were also times when they experienced defeat. It’s not because their God ran out of power or changed His mind. It is plainly because of their disobedience – pride, arrogance, greed, name it. These are all because they wanted to lord over things, and be the god who’s all-knowing. These clouded the heart and mind. In a very illogical thought, this came across my mind, “It seemed that the God of these people was threatening them to do only what He demanded them to do, or else they’re dead.” The reality is, they were so loved that they were made for victory so long they live out the purpose they were created to be. Imagine your smartphone, invited for communication, but you intentionally deviate from the purpose in the mind of the inventor. You found yourself using it as a hammer to pound a nail. That’s foolishness. Our Creator’ heart is in agony whenever He sees His people acting fools. Listen, the reason for our defeat (hopefully) reminds us of our foolishness and will bring us back to God. Isn’t it worth it? Now, let’s ask ourselves, “Don’t we have the same attitude as these men and women of God? Do we also want to prove to the world who we believe we are outside our original design?”

To end, the people in the Old Testament have fought their battles. It is our time to fight our fair share of battles - you are not alone. Every battle has a reason – to shake the shakable and let the unshakable remain. Every battle is founded in love - keep that in mind. Know the battles you have to fight as you listen attentively and be on the side of the Commander-In- Chief - His wisdom is a promised MIRACLE. It is a guaranteed VICTORY!

Thank you for reading! God bless you all! ^_^

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