Love sucks and love hurts-This hurts so much

in love •  6 months ago 

I met a lady who was a Jehovah witness member.

Truth be told, I never understood the modus operandi of that church.

When I finally got to understand that they don't marry someone who is not a member of the church, I was so deep into that girl already so I couldn't pull out .

I was in my final year then and she Just got admitted .

She was from a not well to do home.

I didn't have a sister, I never knew how it felt to have one so I took her like my own blood.

I encouraged her, supported her.

I realised I loved her even more than how I loved my own self.

Before I went for service, we talked about so many things before I left.

My three weeks in camp, I observed she was never calling to check how I was fairing.

Most times when I call, she will pick up and say she is busy and was going to call me back but she never did.

When I left camp and came back home, I seriously wanted to see her but she was just avoiding me.

Truth is, we never had issues before I went to camp.

When I finally got to meet with her, she told me she was never going to marry me because I am not a member of Jehovah witness.

I ignored that and I kept on loving her with the hope that she will see my love beyond me being a member of her church.

I saw her through her ND program.

I gave her everything she needed.

I didn't do all this because I had much, I did all that because I loved her and I wanted to marry her.

It was Christmas period like this, I came back home and I went to see her, she was home but acted like she went out.


I kept on calling her lines but she was not picking up.

I got sad and went home.

When I got home, I came online to read her messages.

She said it was over between us, I asked her why, she said she wants to stay on her own.

I was totally broken but I had to put myself together and move on.

I could not believe what just happened.
Love sucks and love hurts.

At that point, I knew I have wasted 3 good years of my life with the wrong person so I dusted my shirt and moved on.

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