Love Friday- Happy birthday 🎂❤

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Today this post is dedicated to @ceciliac today is his 26th birthday today is the second birthday that we celebrate far away. The first photo is of the last cake I made her, a cake with a lot of chocolate as she likes.


This was our first photo of the year 2018 I miss those family reunions. It is incredible how we should get used to celebrating at a distance.



Our best outings were to go eat. And if we liked to eat, we enjoyed simple things in life.



When you return to Venezuela I know we will return to this restaurant where we were so happy, to celebrate with mojitos and hamburgers.


I remember when we took this photo. It was the first time that we took Gabriela to the valley and you were in love with her. So small and beautiful. Thanks to @genesisgaby for letting us be part of this princess's life.


Another of our favorite outings was going to the movies. When we had some free time we would go to the movies like that without anything without buying popcorn. The important thing was to see a movie.


It is important for us to spend time with the family and I remember that this outing to eat Mexican food was for Valentine's Day.



Another of our favorite places is the beach. I think that is what she misses about being so far away from not being able to go to the beach.


This photo seems beautiful to me.





I am sure that today we would be reunited with a delicious chocolate cake, celebrating the life of my cousin. But not we are many kilometers away! I just ask and wish that in the future we meet again to celebrate ... These photos are from 2018.


This was my birthday in 2018 as you can see it was always good to meet as a family and celebrate.



This was one of our last trips to a shopping center. I remember that we had pizza and soda for lunch and we were walking a good time.




Before leaving the island we went to the beach and enjoyed the sun and our family.



For us, the Virgen Del Valle is very important and before leaving the island, she will accompany her to visit the Basilica of the Virgen Del Valle and I have these beautiful photos.



Seeing these photos fills me with nostalgia were my last photos with @ceciliac and we really don't know when we will see each other again. I only wish you the most beautiful birthday and I ask life to meet soon to be able to make you many chocolate cakes.

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Prima me haces llorar. Que bella eres! Gracias por este post y estas bellas palabras❤

Te amo prima❤