Blessed Lughnassadh!

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Happy Lughnassadh, everyone! :) It's first harvest time!

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I hope y'all are having a good day. I'm having a difficult-time-getting-going day, but not bad otherwise. I did a few things around the apartment, but I need to go to the store (dread).

Summerween can be all of the summer festivals, right?

Not a whole lot going on in Phoenix-land. So not a very exciting blog. I just wanted to say happy holiday. :)

I've been embroidering a little project this week, so maybe I'll actually have a needlework Monday post next week. XD I vacuumed for the first time in way too long yesterday, and the apartment feels about 900% cleaner, so that's nice. I haven't had much energy or appetite, so it's getting into the-food-will-go-bad-if-I-don't-frikkin'-eat time. Sigh.

This morning I noticed that my shiny new air conditioner has the "clean filter" light on already. It's been here for maybe a month, month and a half? And I haven't used it every day; maybe a third of the days. How polluted is the air in Denver? That polluted, apparently...

Emmy the Elm Tree is hanging on after her bout with spider mites. She took a lot of damage, but it at least seems to be stemmed, so that's good. I just gave her some more plant food this morning which will hopefully help her out as she's been so stressed.

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I love me some fae humor. I think Lugh does, too

Anyway, I hope y'all are having a shiny, happy Lughnassadh and a bountiful first harvest! Lugh is the father of CuChulainn, who I wrote a novel about a while back. If you wanted to read something I wrote when my brain was a little more functional. ;)

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Lughnassadh. Learned a new one today, Gaelic! Thanks!

Ta me go maith! (you're welcome)

Also, have a !COFFEEA

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Those watermelons though! LOL
Half way between solstice and the time flies in the summer!

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